It's a K'nex I'ble by Masterdude, and it's not a K'nex gun or weapon. Not much to it really, just makes a card game a bit more organized with K'nex.

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Step 1: Making Components of Card Holder

Image 1: Make 9 of these.
Image 2: Make 2.

Step 2: Making the Card Holder

Follow the images:

Image 1: Add yellow rods.
Image 2: Add the other parts and 9 gray connectors.
Image 3: Cover with the last part.

Step 3: Card Pusher

Follow the images:

Image 1: Make 5 of these.
Image 2: Attach 6 gray connectors to a yellow rod.
Images 3-4: Attach the parts from the first image to the rod as shown.

Step 4: Use

Put the pusher in the card holder and place rubberbands as shown. Then pull the pusher back and insert the cards as shown.
best yet master<br>
you the mAN THANKS
You're welcomed.
this is a great idea and i think i will make it. Not everyday you get something as good as this!
very good! 5!
no prob ;]
No problem :)
nice idea!
no prob
This could make a great thing to keep a draw card pile organized! 5*s. Keep it up man!
Nice little gadget you have there!
<p>Cool! </p>
<p>Did a little twist on it. Great idea. Thanks!</p>
very nice :)
standard cards dont fit <br />
Different decks may have slightly different sizes, even the deck I used didn't exactly slide in on itself. Maybe you need to use some more force.
my cards wont fit
this is nice thanks<br>
wat the go with da elastic band <br>
If you are asking where the rubberband goes, then the image should show it clearly.
Excuse me but what is that?
My cardshoe isn't wide enough for my cards! D:
im gunna make this bigger into a shoe, at least the concept anyway
its a little too tight for cards!
It depends on the deck. Most cards should fit and be only a bit constricted.
u could make hiyadudez's card shuffler and attatch you holder to it
I could but it would make it really complicated and so large that it would be better to build the 2 separately because there may be problems automating the process of moving the shuffled cards into the card shoe so they are nice and neat.
u could attatch it to hiyadudez's card shuffler

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