Step 1: Making Components of Card Holder

Picture of Making Components of Card Holder
Image 1: Make 9 of these.
Image 2: Make 2.

Step 3: Card Pusher

Picture of Card Pusher
Follow the images:

Image 1: Make 5 of these.
Image 2: Attach 6 gray connectors to a yellow rod.
Images 3-4: Attach the parts from the first image to the rod as shown.

Step 4: Use

Put the pusher in the card holder and place rubberbands as shown. Then pull the pusher back and insert the cards as shown.
sartiga3 years ago
best yet master
Masterdude (author)  sartiga3 years ago
JazzBoy3 years ago
you the mAN THANKS
Masterdude (author)  JazzBoy3 years ago
You're welcomed.
this is a great idea and i think i will make it. Not everyday you get something as good as this!
nathan7334 years ago
very good! 5!
Masterdude (author)  nathan7334 years ago
no prob ;]
MegaMetal84 years ago
Masterdude (author)  MegaMetal84 years ago
Seleziona4 years ago
Masterdude (author)  Seleziona4 years ago
No problem :)
~KGB~4 years ago
nice idea!
Masterdude (author)  ~KGB~4 years ago
no prob
Vynash4 years ago
Masterdude (author)  Vynash4 years ago
This could make a great thing to keep a draw card pile organized! 5*s. Keep it up man!
Masterdude (author)  Raz1r Knex Bull3t4 years ago
Nice little gadget you have there!
Masterdude (author)  TheFoofinator4 years ago
knexlad2431 year ago
very nice :)
josh11232 years ago
standard cards dont fit
Masterdude (author)  josh11232 years ago
Different decks may have slightly different sizes, even the deck I used didn't exactly slide in on itself. Maybe you need to use some more force.
josh11232 years ago
my cards wont fit
this is nice thanks
wat the go with da elastic band
Masterdude (author)  The Cannoneer3 years ago
If you are asking where the rubberband goes, then the image should show it clearly.
kekoko3 years ago
Masterdude (author)  kekoko3 years ago
Excuse me but what is that?
Metalbox3 years ago
My cardshoe isn't wide enough for my cards! D:
im gunna make this bigger into a shoe, at least the concept anyway
its a little too tight for cards!
It depends on the deck. Most cards should fit and be only a bit constricted.
u could make hiyadudez's card shuffler and attatch you holder to it
Masterdude (author)  harry potter rules4 years ago
I could but it would make it really complicated and so large that it would be better to build the 2 separately because there may be problems automating the process of moving the shuffled cards into the card shoe so they are nice and neat.
u could attatch it to hiyadudez's card shuffler