So I finally got around to posting some instructions. Sorry for the ...... year delay. But now it's here! YAY! The massive knex castle. Warning: This castle requires a massive amount of pieces. ill see if i can get a list up. For anyone who builds this, please post your pictures on the comments. This is my first instructable, so if you notice anything wrong with the format or the directions, just let me know. Also, the numbering might not be perfect, but I tried. Thanks!

Step 1: Corner Tower Plates

1. Build one
2. Build one
3. Attach to form bottom plate
4. Build three
5. Build three
6. Attach to make three plates
<p>nice nice work bro love it build cannons and everything that would just look like a boss</p>
now you need some k'nex archers to guard it! nice:)
<p>Looks nice</p>
LOL, now what? FOR NARNIA!!!!!!
nice concept<br /> but try what i do and make it a bit bigger.<br /> so you can fit in it
&nbsp;Nice idea, i like it!
Cool 5*
5 stars and faved. gonna make this once i take apart my cannon and some other creations i have.
looks very good, unfortunately idk if i have enough orange connectors to build it...... 5/5
5 star loveed it
good i mean GREAT JOB! :O I am happy to see this! 5* and faved<br/>
Very well done! You seem good at this kind of thing, maybe you should post a guide to building k'nex castles in general, like parts of it, positionings, and help with other stuff! How heavy is this one?
thats a good idea. maybe once i make a few more, ill make a guide.
Wow, you did a great job. Some of the pictures are a little blurry, but considering the size of the project, and only having a consumer camera I think you did a great job.
thanks. i should have used the macro on my camera for some pics, so some are blurry
I'm sorry to say, but I am quite sure I have seen this castle in one of the knex idea books, so you didn't come up with this yourself, or did you?
He <strong>DIDN'T</strong> get it from a book!<br/>
u might have seen a different castle. this one is completly my design
Didnt this used to be featured?
It still is isn't it?
not when I posted the comment.
He posted a slideshow not an ible
Great man. I never thought it was going to get posted but I was wrong. 5*
great instructions! very clear

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