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Introduction: Knex Castle

So I finally got around to posting some instructions. Sorry for the ...... year delay. But now it's here! YAY! The massive knex castle. Warning: This castle requires a massive amount of pieces. ill see if i can get a list up. For anyone who builds this, please post your pictures on the comments. This is my first instructable, so if you notice anything wrong with the format or the directions, just let me know. Also, the numbering might not be perfect, but I tried. Thanks!

Step 1: Corner Tower Plates

1. Build one
2. Build one
3. Attach to form bottom plate
4. Build three
5. Build three
6. Attach to make three plates

Step 2: Connecting Corner Tower Plates

1. Get these
2. And attach three middle and one bottom plate together
3. Build these
4. Take these from the pieces you just built
5. And attach them to the bottom plate
6. Get these
7. Use them to attach a second plate
8. Take these
9. Attach them to green rods
10. Attach more green rods and another plate
11. Take these
12. Attach one more plate
13. And connect the yellow pieces to the top

Step 3: Top of Corner Tower

1. Make these
2. Alternate attaching to the white piece
3. End up with this
4. Attach yellow rods to the bottom
5. Build this
6. Put through top of tower
7. Connect yellow rods and grey rod to tower
8. Make flag
9. Attach flag to top of tower

Step 4: Replication

Build three more! YAY!!!

Step 5: Front Wall

1. Make this
2. Use it to connect two towers
3. Get these
4. Attach two to each tower
5. Build this
6. Attach below the first piece
7. Get these
8. Attach three to each front tower
9. Build these
10. And these
11. And these
12. Connect them into a wall
13. Attach to front
14. Build drawbridge
15. Build pulley
16. Tie to top of bridge
17. Attach everything to front wall
18. Top view of pulley
19. Build this
20. Attach to top of wall

Step 6: Back Wall

1. Build this
2. Connect to two new towers
3. Build
4. Attach to back wall
5. Build
6. Connect to back wall

Step 7: Side Walls

1. Build two
2. Get these
3. Attach three to the top of all four towers
4. Attach side walls
5. Top view
6. Build these
7. Attach to top of both side walls

Step 8: Back Wall Walkways

1. Build these
2. Attach to wall
3. Get these
4. Connect the orange pieces
5. Get these
6. Attach to the towers
7. Connect the grey pieces to the walkway
8. Attach four whit connectors
9. Get these
10. Connect the white connectors together

Step 9: Side Wall Walkways

1. Build these
2. Attach three to each side wall
3. Get these
4. Attach them to each walkway
5. Get these
6. Attach them to top of each tower
7. Connect them to the walkway
8. Get these
9. And these
10. And attach them to each wall

Step 10: Back Wall Middle Walkway

1. Build these
2. And these
3. Connect them together
4. Attach them with blue rods
5. Attach some white rods
6. Build these
7. Slide them over the white rods
8. Get these
9. Attach to towers
10. Build these
11. Attach to ends
12. Attach walkway to middle of back wall
13. Close-up

Step 11: Front Wall Walkway

1. Build these
2. Attach to front wall
3. Connect them diagonally
4. Get these
5. Connect walkway
6. Build this
7. Connect it here
8. Get these
9. Connect to walkway
10. Get these
11. Connect white pieces
12. Other side

Step 12: Ladders

1. Build these
2. And these
3. Connect
4. Put the leftover gray connectors on the back two towers
5. Attach ladder. Place a blue rod through the grey connector to secure the ladder
6. Both ladders down in the back

Step 13: FIN!!!/ Reference Step (If You Get Stuck Look Here!)

If you get stuck, you can look here for pictures of the finished castle. They may help serve as reference.



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nice nice work bro love it build cannons and everything that would just look like a boss

now you need some k'nex archers to guard it! nice:)

LOL, now what? FOR NARNIA!!!!!!

nice concept
but try what i do and make it a bit bigger.
so you can fit in it

5 stars and faved. gonna make this once i take apart my cannon and some other creations i have.

looks very good, unfortunately idk if i have enough orange connectors to build it...... 5/5