Picture of Knex Catapult-Gun Hybrid
knex intro 2.jpg
This is a knex gun that uses a firing mechanism that is similar to a catapult. It is pretty small, can fire any length rod, and has a true trigger. The actual power comes from pulling the trigger, not from a rubber band, so the distance it shoots depends on how hard you pull the trigger. This also makes it so don't need to cock it back each time you shoot.

Any comments or constructive criticism (even negative) are appreciated. And please rate it if you like it. Thanks.
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Step 1: Body and Handle

Just follow the pictures... Not too complicated.

Step 2: Top Part

This is the part attatched to the trigger that pulls the catapult arm. The last three pictures show how it is attatched to the body.

Step 3: The Arm

This is the part that flings the ammo rods into the air. A little more complicated, but you should be able to get it through the pictures.

Pics 1-3: Show the whole arm from different angles
Pics 4-5: Show two different parts of the arm
Pic 6: Shows how to put the two pieces of the arm together
Pics 7-10: Show how to attach it to the body

Step 4: Rubber band and Operation

Picture of Rubber band and Operation
knex 1 030.JPG
knex 1 033.JPG
knex intro 1.jpg
Put the rubber band that keeps the arm back in the following spots. To fire, just stick any size rod in the orange connectors' hole on the arm and then pull the trigger. I've found that blue rods work best as ammo.
didexo1 year ago

Better than the TR for sure!

jayboy24313 years ago
not the best range 1-5 ft if you made the barrel longer or a way to make the trigger pull faster it would fire better

thehoyboy4 years ago
good gun
CODKING5 years ago
do u wnt me to make all of the picturs or no
CODKING5 years ago
do u wnt me to make all of the picturs or no
knex_mepalm6 years ago
Does this work without the band in response to my question?
smickel (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
Yes, it works without the rubber band, however it won't automatically return to the "cocked" position.
add a hopper or something and you've got semi-auto :D
An Villain5 years ago
interesting design, very innovative, 5*. could use a better handle though (fixed.)
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really cool catapult-gun
lou33mig416 years ago
how powerfull is it?
Undermig6 years ago
erm does it shoot ure self?
smickel (author)  Undermig6 years ago
No it doesn't. You're probably holding it backwards.
lol ok
Wafflicious6 years ago
i did something like this earlier this year. I used dsman's crossbow's ratchet system so it used rubber band power.
shmi1176 years ago
I am currently making a mag for this gun... ill post when i can and if it works out.
bounty10127 years ago
it is pretty cool i was making it to destroy a lego castle but it didnt but it is a very good gun. nice idea
This could get some imagination flowing. good gun.
Storm9507 years ago
The design is nice and seems to work, but in reality this goes no more than 6 feet.
smickel (author)  Storm9507 years ago
To be honest, I didn't design it for power, I was looking for a new way to fire things. So consider this a prototype. I may tweak the design to add more power, or do something like dsman suggested and use rubber band power for my next design. Thanks to all of you who like it, I'm glad you do.
StyleCore7 years ago
I Like It and i would know, hence the name
this is the coolest thing on instructables!!!!!!!!!!
=) =P

its so freakin fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23GUITAR057 years ago
I am am obsessed with catapults this is AWESOME!
bobbyk8817 years ago
This looks like a smaller version of my catapult, But better. This thing is awsome!! Great job.
nice! I might suggest putting it on a frame that is a blue length across instead of a white. That way you can have a sturdier frame and handle. good job, though.
daz1087 years ago
this could be the new thing and it could be made semi auto
dsman1952767 years ago
well, its not bad, but not powerful.maybe if you make is so the trigger holds the arm back, instead of pushing it forward, you could hook rubber bands to the arm to get more power.
s0lekill3r7 years ago
Hmm...if you add a mag to this somehow, it would be semi-auto... This is a pretty ingenious firing system, like a handheld catapult +1 from me.
thebboy7 years ago
no......rubber.....band........ almost.......semi......auto..... +.........................1....................................... wow
Danny A7 years ago
New............... Wierd............. ....................................And I Like It...........................................
lodefreak7 years ago
wtf? this is so weird! but good +1!
Crazy! i like it!