Step 2: Catapult Section

First, build the catapult. There are 3 parts to build, and then you'll connect them together. This step has lots of pictures, but there are descriptions of all of them below.

Pic. 1- Build this small support.
Pic. 2- Another view, of the back side.
Pic. 3- Build the catapult. This section also includes the rubber band. I used the red rubber band from the electronic arcade Knex set.
Pic. 4- Close-up of the catapult. There are two pairs of tan clips that should be facing each other on the end of the catapult.
Pic. 5- Close-up of the spacers and the other side.
Pic. 6- Another view of the spacers.
Pic. 7- The rubber band holder.
Pic. 8- Another view.
Pic. 9- Build this small section.
Pic. 10- Attach the small section you just built to the catapult.
Pic. 11- Another view.
Pic. 12- Build the catapult housing.
Pic. 13- Another view.
Pic. 14- Another view.
Pic. 15- Close-up of the spacers.
Pic. 16- Another view, of the bottom.
Pic. 17- Get all three sections that you just built.
Pic. 18- Combine the catapult and the catapult housing.
Pic. 19- Another view.
Pic. 20- This is how the rubber band holder attaches to the catapult housing.
Pic. 21- Attach the small support. Once you do this, you are finished with the catapult!
Pic. 22- Another view.