Knex Catapult





Introduction: Knex Catapult

Real easy to make, fires like 50 feet with a good shot.
L0l |)()()/\/\!!!1

Step 1: Gather You Materials

You Need:
x3 1 slot
x2 2 slot (light gray)
x2 2 slot(orange)
x3 3 slot
x5 5 slot

x2 blue
x3 yellow
x4 red
x2 gray

2 wheels (medium size)

Step 2: Create the Axel

You'll need:
x1 red

x2 1 slot
x2 2 slot (orange)
x3 5 slot

take your red rod and thread it through ONE of your 5 slots pieces. Center the 5 slot piece, and then attach one 5 slot peice on each side of the centered one. Then attach one of your 1 peice peices on each side of the 5 slot pieces. Put one wheel on each end of the rod and then close it off the the 2 remaining orange peices. If you need help just follow the picture.

Step 3: Construct the Throwing Arm

You will need:
x2 blue
x3 yellow
x3 red
x2 gray

x2 2 slot
x2 5 slot
x3 3 slot

pretty easy here, just follow the pictures

Step 4: Attaching the Arm to the Axel

connect the free rod ends to the centered 5 slot piece so that it looks something like this picture.

Step 5: Making the Ammo, Firing, and Other Things

for the ammo, you will need:
x1 green (the smallest one)
x1 3 slot

just attach the rod to the connector as shown in the picture.

thread the connector on the ammo through the hole on the end of the firing arm. (make sure the end peice isnt leaning left or right as it may cause misfires and you wouldn't want that) Then, aim it in any direction (except at something you dont want to hit)
and slam your hand down onto the other end of the firing arm.

any of the peices mentioned can be subsituted and you can modify this catapult in any way you want to suit you.



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    just call it a knex-a-pult knexapult

    Can someone please tell me how to put pictures of your instructable on this site, It would be helpful.

    1 reply

    Well, I just connected my digital camera to my computer, made a new file and put the pictures in it, then I was able to upload the pictures. I'm sorry if this is not helpful. Oh, I also just made this new instructable. Not to draw attention off this instructable, but mine is a catapult also. It is kinda cool, but I'll have to say, this one is great too!

    mine looks and functions nothing like yours, and im pretty sure you can't have made the first knex catapult..... and I won't even try to claim I did

    my catapult is the first one, because i looked in rescent

    let me just say this, you can't possibly know that because this site isn't the only one in the world...

    the first knex catapult

    I built a knex catapult, like five years ago, and knex has been around even before that

    i know that on this website

    it a copy from mine

    a little strange...but work!.........p.s first coment woot!

    1 reply

    thanks but im trying to make it so it doesnt break as often :P