Basic Knex catapult based off of Da_Fudge's Super simple Knex Catapult, and geek27's mobile K'nex Catapult. Follow the images in order to build.
it shoots eveerything that u can put in the clip. try a peeny, try a quuarter, plz dont try shooooting yr liittle siter tho. sheill end up breaking it. just by u tryying to loaad her on to it
PLZ!! WHAT DOES IT SHOOT!!!!!!????????
green or white rods
What does it shoot
what in the&nbsp;heck<br> does this thing do you should answer people
looks really cool. thanks for the reference. does it fire very far? Also, maybe this would be better as an instructable?
sorry, i wanted to get it out, but didn't have time to make an instructable no idea how far it shoots, still cold where i live, so can't shoot out side and im not allowed to shoot it in the house
shot 20ft for me =) not bad for catipult<br/>
what does it shoot?
What does it shot
i got mine to shoot 250 feet on a flat and 100 up hill 5/5 4 me<br>
this is awesome
tic tac toons !!!! !@!~!! !@$#%&amp;( !#!@$ldfugjudkk hihihihihigaygaie skurpiwsuepisetupewuporuefwrjtoiw noija masta!!!!!
<strong>what and how does it shoot</strong><br />
U might want to make the base wider in the direction you shoot.<br /> Most catapults have tendency to flip when too small of a base.
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/edit/share?groupId=G3UPJ47FT7PL2QV">https://www.instructables.com/edit/share?groupId=G3UPJ47FT7PL2QV</a> join this club copy and paste to the url box , we would like to see your knex guns and advertise the url on knex instructables<br/>
what does it fire??????????
i tried to make it but i cant work were the bands go
Many thanks for mentioning me! I don't have much to do, I'll make one right now!

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