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I was making a chainsaw and I decided that it would be a good idea to attach a gun to it, so here it is. The chainsaw is my design, but the gun is TeacherOfTheWays' FMG-9 with my mods and without the stock and handle. It fires pretty far.
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Nice! I'm making one simalar.
urtlesquirt4 years ago
I don't even play it, but GEARS OF WAR!
The Gears of War Lancer is a fully-automatic machine gun with a small chainsaw attachment.
AUG-5OM34 years ago
Good job worthy of an instructable for sure 5*
i made a chainsaw but it explode after i put the motor on...
and this is awesome you should make instructions!
Plz say if i am wrong, but where is the actual "GUN" part?
dnmonsen5 years ago
how long did it take you to build and how many pieces
Prranavan5 years ago

WOW!!! good work!!!

Imagine if you attatch a powerdrill instead of that small motor (if you could somehow)
plzzzzzzz post an instructable 5*

i like gears of war 2 i like chain sawing locusts heads off ............................
finmonster5 years ago
u are a knex god plese post
00raln005 years ago
~Z~5 years ago
chazman25 years ago
and that moter is old school loser
someone liks GEARS OF WAR
post it please! maybe this will be the first on the site if you can beat ironman69... nice job!
mine will be firster... i've already started instructions muahahahaha!!!
"firster" isn't a word.
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