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Introduction: Knex China Lake Grenade Launcher Posted

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Hello, and welcome to my posted China lake replica!


Shadowninja31----> I used his internals
Knexguy-----> His stock

Let's move on to the pros and cons.

- (!IMO!) Looks great.
- Working pump (but has no function.)
- Extra hidden mag in the stock.
- High cap mag (the real one holds 2-4, and this one hold up to 8 bullets.)
- (With me!) 100% jam free.

- Range isn't that great.
- It takes some time to take the next shot since the ramrod is in the stock.
- Sights look like the real one but you can't use them really.

Conclusion: Fun to use and good replica, but not suitable for knex wars!

Step 1: Pump.

Just make it off these pictures.
I didn't take the time to take it apart completely but these pictures should work just fine.

Step 2: Lower Rail.

This is just for looks, but it is nessecary , for the pump.
Just hold the apart.

Step 3: Frontal Barrel, Upper Rail and Sights.

That's a long step name but it is a short part. Read the notes they're important because one of the pictures shows something wrong.

Step 4: Rear Barrel, Plus Trigger and Mechanism.

This might be complicated for some people.
But just follow the pics, nad the notes.

Step 5: The Stock.

This is the stock. I think this is a little complicated, but just follow the pics.

Step 6: Putting It Togheter.

Well again just follow pictures.

Step 7: Ammo, Mag Push and Ramrod.


Step 8: Loading and Adding Bands.

Just follow the pics. Then you're done! yeah



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    why do you need a mag push for the stock and the gun,im confused.

    2 replies

    There is an extra mag in the stock so you don´t need to put extra ammo in your pocket. and because of the gravity you also need a mag push in the stock, or else the spare ammo will fall out.

    Did that help?

    would you mind if i made the trigger guard better?
    i'd send you what i did.

    1 reply

    no prob (just back from holiday) so srry for late reply.

    Depends on what you think is working. Yes it is moving, but it has no function. It doesn't load a shot. (look at the stats.)
    Thanks for looking at my China Lake.

    hey just wondering, whats the point of the mag in the stock?

    1 reply

    Lol it's mainly for looks, and cool features. But I thought this was more usefull than ammo in your pocket.

    Hahah thank you.

    Did you finish it?

    no i run out of part do you know of anyplace to get some more knexs really cheap?

    Yeah (.eu if you're european or if you're British.)
    brand new and pretty cheap Good luck!

    Did that site help?