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This is a ball machine I made back in 2011 after I made some of IamCanadian's railed ball machines. I focused around decorations and was impressed on how well it turned out. I really wish I made instructions when I had it up but not everything is an instructable I guess. The track itself is a little over thirty feet long and the height is around two feet tall. The last few pictures are dark I'm sorry about that.


knex akbar (author)2014-08-23

How did you get a ballcoaster to work with orange tubing????

Ping pong balls are lighter and don't fly off tracks because they don't carry a lot of momentum.

KneXtreme (author)2013-04-30

Great job. It's been awhile since I've seen a ball machine like this one.

Thanks! That comment inspired me just now to make another one like this and post instructions=D

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-04-28

Great! I like the design very much.

A vid has been posted!


Nice machine! You have really taken off on your ball machines!

Also, a vid will be posted in a matter of hours.

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