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Introduction: Knex Chinatown Hill Ball Machine Instructions

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Alright, it took a headache and a couple Advil but I finally got done with this ball machine. It uses ping pong balls and is very quiet when it is on. This design is a little different from its previous version but not much has changed. Have fun building this and wish me luck in the Knex contest:D


Step 1: Main Support and Lift

This is the largest piece in the ible. Carefully follow the pictures.

Step 2: Path Part 1

Here we go!

Step 3: Path Part 2

Let's continue!

Step 4: Path Part 3

Doing great!

Step 5: Path Part 4

Halfway there!

Step 6: Path Part 5

Almost there!

Step 7: Path Part 6

Home stretch!

Step 8: Let's Go Tubing!

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to put the tubing on. I would start from the top and work my way down to the bottom but take your time. I would buy tubing from which has two strips just long enough for this machine otherwise the length is around 30-32 feet long. When you get done, great job! Thank you for building!



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    WooaaaW ! Congratulations ! You are a finalist ;)

    Woah you actually made instructions for this! Great job, and a great machine, especially with instructions. You have earned my vote!

    Wow, very impressive! I love the tidy and compact design.

    Very thorough documentation too. Very well done all around!

    Thank you:D Entered it in the Knex contest like you suggested.


    Congrats on being selected as a finalist!

    Thank you! Thank you all for voting! This is such a great community, much better than Youtube!

    Wow, you made instructions to a ball machine! Excellent job with not only the machine but instructions as well.