Knex Chopper





Introduction: Knex Chopper

This is my second Instructable. It is a mini chopper with a kickstand and an 8 cylinder engine.

Piece count (colors based on original sets)

8 blue
6 green
16 black Y
3 white

4 Grey V
2 small blue
2 green
9 orange
2 yellow
1 black ball
1 black socket

4 wheels
8 blue spacers

Total 66 pieces

Step 1: Back Wheel

this is the back wheel of the chopper

Step 2: Back Seat

this is the back seat

Step 3: Body

this is the body

Step 4: Front Wheel

this is the front wheel

Step 5: Engine

the engine

Step 6: Back of Back Seat

the rest of the back seat

Step 7: Step 3+5

step 3+5=7

Step 8: Whole Back Seat

THE whole back seat

Step 9: Back and Middle

the back and middle

Step 10: The Wheels

put on the wheels



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    I had this comment that said:"if it's not a gun it's rubbish"(something like that) and one that said:"no problem not making it a gun and blah, blah, blah".

    im starting myself a motorcycle that has real suspension in the front wheel. it can have a steering wheel and everything! no seat yet... engine is 6 cylinder.. all it is really is a couple white connectors with green rods.

    SWEET but if you would like to see more engines check out my KNEX ENGINE

    lol, I love the little engine

    Nice, but I'm sure I've seen something similar in an ideas booklet.

    Nicely written, but I don't see an 8 cylinder engine on it, and it looks like it doesn't have any handlebars.

    Oh, I see. Usually the v's face out, that's why I was confused.