This is a small wreath that will look good with your other Christmas decorations :-). It's mostly made of green connectors and white rods, plus red "berries" and a red ribbon at the bottom. I also included some fake lights. This only took a day to build. Fun fact: this Instructables uses 149 pictures.

This is an entry to a Knex contest. EDIT: it won 1st place in the contest!

This was also a first prize winner in the Homemade Holidays Contest, thanks to everyone who voted!


Step 1: Parts List

Before you begin building, gather all of these parts. There's only 10 kinds of pieces.   
Rods: 227
  • green-153
  • white-74
Connectors: 140
  • dark gray-1
  • light gray-4
  • red-22
  • green-109
  • white-4
Other: 15
  • Y clip-5
  • metallic blue clip-1
  • head cap-9

Total:  382

If you have all of those pieces, then let's get building!

<p>I LOVE THIS WREATH SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! THANK YOU!!! Yes, I know I did only 6 lights, but that's all I have!</p>
<p>Nice wreath, thanks for building! I'll add it to the last step.</p>
<p>I'll make this on December 1. </p><p>This will be great for Christmas!!!</p>
<p>I'll take a picture when i'm done.</p>
<p>Also, NICE!!!<br></p>
<p>Thanks for the design Shadowman! I loved building the wreath. I hope my girlfriend likes the wreath too, because I want to put it in her room as Christmas decoration. </p><p>Happy Christmas.</p>
<p>Looks great, thanks for building! I'll put your picture in the last step. And merry Christmas to you too!</p>
I'd love to make this could you should us how?
<p>These are the instructions, so you should be able to go through the 19 steps. Just as a warning though, it can get complicated at times because all the sections look similar to each other.</p>
<p>Nice model! I'd build it, but I don't have enough green connectors. :-(</p>
<p>I guess this is gonna be popular this month... :)</p><p>Be a shame if someone picked it off the door on Christmas though... lol</p>
<p>Haha, that would indeed be bad to have it stolen.</p>
I finally finished! Here's the picture
<p>That looks nice, I like the use of both classic green and metallic green. Thanks for building!</p>
I hope I have enough green connectors! If I do, ill definitely hang this on my room door! :D
<p>Sounds great! If you don't have enough, you could try making it with a different color, like yellow, grey, or purple. :-P</p>
<p>thanks it is verry nice;)</p>
hmmmmm i will have to check if i have enough green connectors <br> <br> <br>hope i do:)
I built it again this year, in metallic green connectors. It's hanging up in the library my mom works at. :-) I'll get pictures once I get it back.
I posted pictures. :-)
Hmm i prefer the original
Me too, but I still like it. :-P
Yup <br><br>And you just got my 1900th Comment!!
sorry all that the pics were SOOO late! :( I got rely busy, but hear they are! :D
Nice, I like the purpleness! I put it on the last step.
hehehe! :P thanks! I had good instructions! :D
Thanks! I was a bit worried that the instructions would be confusing, since each section looks alike. :-P
they were a tad, (no offense) but, i like a good challenge! :D
Haha. :-P
ok, i was thinking the gray conector bellow the red connector, but i think i will run string through both, and put it on a nail! :D
Okay, good luck!
suggestions on how to hang it up?(gona post pics tomaro(hopefully!))
The red connector at the top can have a nail going through it.
loce bis is amzimng
If you're saying that it's amazing, then thanks!
i was gona build this, but than, counted the peices, and.... NOT ENOUGH GREEN COUNECTERS!! NOO! so sad! :C GOOD INSTRUCTABLE! would have liked to built it!
Thanks! If you want, you can replace most of the green connectors with purple connectors. It would be cool to see a purple (or gray metallic) wreath.
thats a good idea!! i will make it in purple! :P ill post pics once done!
Nice, good luck! I may try a yellow wreath.
quick quistion, are the head caps necisary?
No, they are just for looks.
COOL! :D thanks for all the helps, ill post pics once done.
Cool! I'll put the pictures on the last step when you post them.
POST PONED: gona build next month
Probably a good idea, since it'll be closer to Christmas.
Ive been waiting a whole year to build this ( i found it after christmas so there was no point building) and now i can... Although im still a bit earlie!!

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