Picture of K'nex Claw
I needed to make a claw for my claw machine so i decided to make this. Since I'm using this in my claw machine it does not have a grip, Sorry =]. but I hope you like it. Enjoy!
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Step 1: Claw

Picture of Claw
(make four)

Step 2: Body part 1

Picture of Body part 1
preaty simple.
Knex4Life23 (author) 1 year ago
has anyone made it
Well done it looks great try and make a handle though!
Knex4Life23 (author) 1 year ago
Has anybody built it
Change of plan, I'm not quite able to build it today, feeling really ill. But I will try to build it by the 5th this month. I will tell you what it's like if I do get around to building it.
Knex4Life23 (author)  killersir7511 year ago
oh i hope you feel better.
I'm thinking of building, maybe I will tomorrow because this seems really good, innovative and like it would be a fun build.
I already have Seleziona's Top Loading Rifle built and it used nearly every piece I have, so I will make this sometime soon and if I can think of any ways to improve and modifiy it, I'll tell you.
Knex4Life23 (author)  killersir7511 year ago
Seleziona's guns are awesome! aern't they?
pretty cool

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