K'nex Claw Machine Game





Introduction: K'nex Claw Machine Game

Check it out guys, I made a K'nex Claw Machine Game for a class project using K'nex pieces, an Arduino board, and some miscellaneous things I found in a junk drawer. I will post a how-to-make of the claw since many of you have requested it. If you already have 



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    Woah this is cool! This gave me the idea for a k'nex element, a claw that picks up the ball and drops it somewhere else!

    I used duemilanove. I bought my arduino through my school, however. It could be because at the time I was also using the Arduino 0022 and 0023 software version. I would recommend checking your software. The libraries were changed in them.

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    could you please make an instructable on the electronic part.
    I have the frame and the claw built. and the arduino code.

    thanks :)

    it is sooo cool but is ti posabul to make it all of knex if there is can you post it thanks

    i think it is very cool 5.0
    pls watch my knex creations and rate

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    Promoting your own posts on someone else's post? Thats a bit rude isn't it?

    kill me now i think i'm dreaming !!!!!!!!!!!!! *pinches himself to see if he's dreaming* OUCH !!! omfg ... i'm not... awesome construction man... i'd love to have one... try making an ible... anyway, 5* and subscribe !!!! keep up the good work.

    best ever knex creation in the universe!!!!! PLZ make an instructable of it!!!!

    thanks, I'll see if I can!

    best ever claw i love it

    that is so clever 5* =D

    i finnished my claw machine 2 months ago and never posted i will post today

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    I'd love to see it. let me know when you post it :)

    how did you make your claw it would make a great instructable

    I'll post an instructable once I turn in this project to my professor. Basically I made a modified (and simplified) claw based on claws I found here on instructables.com and on youtube.

    The only issue you may have building my claw is that you need broken Knex rods. Hopefully you have some without having to break any (I have had my Knex set for over 10 years now and have accumulated a nice collection of Knex rods that were accidently snapped in half). Broken Knex are still good!