Knex Claymore (realistic Looking)





Introduction: Knex Claymore (realistic Looking)

Hello fellow knexers! I recently scouted the web for an efficient, yet realistic looking claymore. Sadly, none were found. There were efficient claymores that worked great! however they didnt look like a claymore. then there were good looking claymores! but they didnt fire! So i took it upon myself to create a durable, efficient claymore that included all of the properties I wanted... as a result I had created this claymore! This is MY early Christmas present to the knexing community. Although efficient, this is a piece consuming creation. Merry Christmas to all! and a happy new year!

Good Looking
First of It's Kind!
No Broken Parts (a personal "yay")

Piece Consuming
Not the best range! (6 feet, 2 metres)
Not a lot of spray (12 green rods)
Your Fingers WILL HURT!
Sometimes doesnt go off... (not too dependable)



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Questions & Answers


a claymore is a explosive device that is set up to explode when a tripwire is activated or when a detonator is pulled. It is mainly used to gaurd areas that you do not want people getting into...

sometimes it uses an infra red laser,
that one is kinda risky because it reactes when something comes nearby, so also friends and stuff

It does look cool! But how does it fire the rods?

There are flaps on the inside that are being pulled on by rubber bands. The orange rods are keeping the flaps from being released. Its like the trigger in most knex guns. it is a item in the way from creating a thrust. Therefore when the rods are pulled, they move out of the way, releaseing the panels (which then release the ammo.) and I will post the instructions in a while. School is keeping me quite busy. Lots of homework and projects. Maybe in a week or two. I have a science fair project at the moment, i will post instructions over my christmas break.