Knex Claymore

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Introduction: Knex Claymore

Not particularly meant to be used, but if for some reason your a messed up person you probably shouldn't look at this. Please be very careful because as killerk said this gun is very powerful.

Disclaimer: anything that happens because of this is in no way my fault. it is your choice to read and construct this item.

Step 1: Gather Materials

All you need:
Duct Tape
KillerK Basic Knex Pistol
A door or door way

Step 2: Tape Gun to Wall

tape it onto the door frame make sure that the projectile can come out

Note: also make sure the trigger is facing you NOT THE WALL

Step 3: Attaching the Trip Line

wind the wire around the lower hinge of the door and then up to the trigger on the gun and make a loop

Note: the gun must be higher than the lower hinge so it gets pulled down

Step 4: Setting Up

Load the projectile( a few wall nails)- cock the gun- hook the loop- crawl under- close the door



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    use knex small green peases or airsoft bbs

    Ok this is the definition of "claymore" from "a two-handed sword with a double-edged blade, used by Scottish Highlanders in the 16th century"

    a claymore is also an anti personal mine which shoots 500 steel balls in the direction it is pointing

    that would be 700 ball bearings embedded into 700 grams of c4 resin champ! (which you can also lick and get high off hence the do not eat sign on the casing.) oh and it's called anit personal 'weapon' the geneva convention doesn't allow the use of mines anymore.

    Lets just agree this isn't a claymore

    Well done, but this isn't really a claymore...

    wow cool! that ought to teach my step-sisters to steal my CANDY!!

    um, i dont get how this is a claymore, a claymore is a type of scotish war club

    WTF where did you get scotish war club from a claymore is a small explosive that can be exploded through pressure and a trip wire. Claymores are used all around the world as a defensive barrier against infantry.

    a claymore is also a giant sword that can chop off your head read