No no no! Dont get all excited like, ZOMG, A FULL SIZE CLIMBING FRAME FROM KNEX OMG OMG OMG!

Because no, its only a small model, compatible sizes with the knex men you get in some sets, and most action figures will work with it too.

This climbing frame is just something that i decided to build, I had completed my design in about an hour. I was just think up things to build and the first thing that popped into my head was when i was in first grade and we built playground rides, and i remember building a swing set, and that is where this idea came from.

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5***** man post it
no spiral slide no rate
wow very nice if the idea wasn't enough this is so clean and good looking so i like it!
Why did you build that? =Z
Awesome =) 5* very original alot better than mine :) awesome cool i like it... e.t.c.
Nice, looks just like the ones I used to climb on.
Yay <br>
This is cool and all, but why such a high rating? I'm not hating on it I rated it a 4 too :)
I just think its because it very original.
Oh yeah, good point :)
great idea! i might try to build one some time. (but it wont be as good as this lol)
Ahhh.... Good old School days :)
to be honest i think this is your best ible, cause its simplicity! great work! 5*
Very cool, 5*. I love this idea. My friends friend attempted to make a slide once, but failed, so your is much better designed and fun. I never thought of buillding this
ooooooooooooh its a swingset
LOL. 5.
Kewl! 4/5
difrent but new 5* just for the heck of it and ive havent seen this any where before
Hahaha! Nice!
:) keep up the awesome work!
MAKE IT LIFE SIZED! Lol. Very good job.
Hehe, thanks.
Lego men wonderland! lol 5*
Haha Awesome 5*
Great. I love seeing new ideas come into knex!
How do you come up with all those great idea's? Wouldn't it be cool if you'd use flexi rods for the rope bridge? 4.5*.
Good idea! And thanks.
Yw. =)

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