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No no no! Dont get all excited like, ZOMG, A FULL SIZE CLIMBING FRAME FROM KNEX OMG OMG OMG!

Because no, its only a small model, compatible sizes with the knex men you get in some sets, and most action figures will work with it too.

This climbing frame is just something that i decided to build, I had completed my design in about an hour. I was just think up things to build and the first thing that popped into my head was when i was in first grade and we built playground rides, and i remember building a swing set, and that is where this idea came from.

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Element Force (author)2012-05-18

5***** man post it

daredevil499 (author)2011-12-30


Owenmon (author)2010-12-04

no spiral slide no rate

halo99 (author)Owenmon2011-06-17


aleceatsfood (author)2011-01-15

wow very nice if the idea wasn't enough this is so clean and good looking so i like it!

k-n-e-x(leaved ibls) (author)2010-12-09


knex inventor (author)2010-10-29

Why did you build that? =Z

BalintRules (author)2010-10-27

Awesome =) 5* very original alot better than mine :) awesome cool i like it... e.t.c.

juneapaluna (author)2010-10-19

Nice, looks just like the ones I used to climb on.

MotaBoi (author)2010-09-11

This is cool and all, but why such a high rating? I'm not hating on it I rated it a 4 too :)

Hiyadudez (author)MotaBoi2010-09-12

I just think its because it very original.

MotaBoi (author)Hiyadudez2010-09-12

Oh yeah, good point :)

lphillips094 (author)2010-09-08

great idea! i might try to build one some time. (but it wont be as good as this lol)

Merugop (author)2010-09-02

Ahhh.... Good old School days :)

~KGB~ (author)2010-08-31

to be honest i think this is your best ible, cause its simplicity! great work! 5*

Michaelgoode (author)2010-08-31

Very cool, 5*. I love this idea. My friends friend attempted to make a slide once, but failed, so your is much better designed and fun. I never thought of buillding this

Acepilot42 (author)2010-08-31

ooooooooooooh its a swingset

~Aeronous~ (author)2010-08-31

LOL. 5.

Randomguy65 (author)2010-08-30

Kewl! 4/5

knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)2010-08-30

difrent but new 5* just for the heck of it and ive havent seen this any where before

Vynash (author)2010-08-30

Hahaha! Nice!

Hiyadudez (author)Vynash2010-08-30


Vynash (author)Hiyadudez2010-08-30

:) keep up the awesome work!

Senior Waffleman (author)2010-08-30


TSC (author)2010-08-30


Oblivitus (author)2010-08-30

MAKE IT LIFE SIZED! Lol. Very good job.

Hiyadudez (author)Oblivitus2010-08-30

Hehe, thanks.

prodo123 (author)2010-08-30

Lego men wonderland! lol 5*

Hiyadudez (author)prodo1232010-08-30


MegaMetal8 (author)2010-08-30

Haha Awesome 5*

Hiyadudez (author)MegaMetal82010-08-30


Tom Buckey (author)2010-08-30

Great. I love seeing new ideas come into knex!

Hiyadudez (author)Tom Buckey2010-08-30


erikos kostarikos (author)2010-08-30

How do you come up with all those great idea's? Wouldn't it be cool if you'd use flexi rods for the rope bridge? 4.5*.

Good idea! And thanks.

Yw. =)

An Villain (author)2010-08-30


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