This k'nex clock runs entirely without the power of motors but uses a weight for energy. The escapement can work for about an hour before the weight needs to be lifted again but with some adjustments it would be easy to extend this period dramatically. The face of the clock displays the hour and minute using two separate hands that rotate independently. The timing is accurate to within a minute or so every few hours and the speed can be easily adjusted by changing the length of the pendulum. This project presented some challenges in terms of making the face and getting the hour hand to turn at exactly one twelfth of the speed of the minute hand. I hope you enjoy this instructable and have fun building.

Step 1: Assemble base

Picture of Assemble base
This base was made to fit the surface my clock was on but it can be adapted to fit any surface desired
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jackowens6 months ago

What did you base this on? Or did you design completely yourself?

Thanks :)

3024221 year ago

I built it but the problem is the escapement is spinning really fast

great clock i built it and it works. except for the fact that it stops after a while even if the weight isn't all the way down… i guess my weight isn't heavy enough even though its full of water :p . still I'm posting a review on it
thejamesx39 (author)  wezils tuts1 year ago
I'm pleased that it works but I am curious as to why it stops before the weight is on the ground. You don't suppose it's friction do you?
well it could be friction, but i used a coores light bottle similar to the one you have and I've never opened it, so its full of liquid… it runs for 45 secs then the pendulum stops moving. what i think is happening is my weight isn't heavy enough so the escapement isn't pushing as hard as it needs to to keep the pendulum moving.
or another possibility is that i don't have the pendulum ticker/stopper thingies in the right area (they are still on the blue rods on the pendulum of course)
I'm going to see if that makes a difference,i'll let u know
it could be that my bottle isn't big enough so when i do fill it 3/4 it isn't anywhere close to the amount that u have, or our fulcrum/penulum is messed up ill send pics of it. thx for help happy new year.
thejamesx39 (author)  wezils tuts1 year ago
I did notice when I added too much weight the rods were pulled down by the mass and created more friction. I eventually found the the bottle worked best at half to 3/4 full
is there any way that you can replace the big yellow gears
not really :/
Is there a single set that has all the gears?
well how i got my gears was the local thrift shop but u can get them on knex.com for about 5.75$
thejamesx39 (author)  Smiley_Face1 year ago
I'm pretty sure I got them all in the K'Nex 'hometown carnival' set, however I cannot be 100% sure. I've been looking for new sets that are cheap and also contain gears but haven't had much luck. Hope you find some though.
how dose the pendulum work?
thejamesx39 (author)  slaveboy20002 years ago
It keeps going because it gets a little push from the escapement every time it rotates. So it's actually the weight that turns the gears and the wheel which pushes the pendulum in the correct direction every time they make contact. Without the wheel at the top to push it a little bit it would just stop. I hope I've explained enough to understand
Congratulations for being selected as a finalist in the Toy Rods and Connectors Contest!
thejamesx39 (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
Thank you. I'm really pleased
rathemighty2 years ago
any way to replace the wheel in the 10th pic?
thejamesx39 (author)  rathemighty2 years ago
This one should be replaceable with other wheels or knex that will allow it to function. If you do use a smaller wheel, I believe you may have to increase the mass of the weight pulling down on the string.
Cool, thanks!
Looks cool! Good job!
thejamesx39 (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
dozer7892 years ago
This is pretty cool! I thought it would be neat to make one of these sometime but I didn't and still don't have any of the big gears. I am glad that someone made one!!
thejamesx39 (author)  dozer7892 years ago
Thank you. I don't ever remember getting my big gears but have been looking to get more ever since. Still no luck.
You can get them on ebay, I was thinking about getting some along with a nice large set that was only $30 or $35, so not bad.
j9mosely2 years ago
This is just fabulous. Thanks for sharing it.
thejamesx39 (author)  j9mosely2 years ago
You're welcome
stevedawg2 years ago
That's really cool I voted
thejamesx39 (author)  stevedawg2 years ago
Thank you. I really appreciate
Not my cup of tea, but it looks like it's working well for you. Good job, and I voted. :3
thejamesx39 (author)  DarkOwlProductions2 years ago
Thanks. Much appreciated
didexo2 years ago
Thanks for the instructions. I saw a full grandfather clock on YouTube using the weight instead of motors. I've also wanted to build it, thanks.
thejamesx39 (author)  didexo2 years ago
You're welcome
Im not really into these kind of things, but man! Thats really cool! Good job!
thejamesx39 (author)  Blue Mullet 22 years ago
I'm pleased you think so
Me to! :D
Shadowman392 years ago
Nice mechanism, do the rubber bands ever come off of the flat wheels?
thejamesx39 (author)  Shadowman392 years ago
They do after a few revolutions if turned manually but if left at the speed of a clock they make too few revolutions to come off. Even so they only need a slight nudge to put them back into place. I did for a short while use k'nex connectors to keep them guided and that worked pretty well.
mikeasaurus2 years ago
Wow, impressive K'NEX build!
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