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Introduction: K'nex Clock [Very Realistic]

Hello Didexo here, I wanted to make something other than a gun to put some variety into my works. So, before you today is a K'nex clock that I built. But, this clock isn't your ordinary K'nex clock. This clock tells minutes and hours on the same axle. This was a challenge considering the limitations of K'nex. Furthermore, this clock isn't even powered by a motor, what makes this clock different from other clocks on this site is that is runs off a weight, much like a real grandfather clock. But, like grandfather clocks, you need to reset it. In this case, the clock can run without resetting it for ~18 minutes (you can increase this time by adding height and chains to the tower, there isn't a respectable limitation). Now, resetting may seem daunting, but all you have to do to reset it is pull down on the chain hanging out of the side of the clock, this will pull up the weight. Also, resetting the clock will not through off the timing, it will stay synced. It would take some time to explain every single component that makes this work, so if you have any questions feel free to drop a comment. Here are some pro's and con's:

Realistic size and shape
Not powered by motor
Tells time, in minutes and hours
Swinging pendulum (for looks and purpose)
Can tell actual time (assuming you sync it)
Simple, user friendly reset
Guys/girls........It's a clock! :D

You have to reset round every 18 minutes (depending on height)
Can jam, about every 3 or so hours.
Very difficult to build
It uses a lot of gears and it piece consuming

Finally, I didn't explain every part of this clock. So, if you have any other questions, comments, suggestion or whatever make sure to leave a comment. Happy K'nexing!

PS: Sorry for the bad pictures, I'm not the best photographer...



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    this is so cool!! Please show instructions I only have two red gears but I am going to try to order more gears

    I made a new version. Do you still want instructions?

    I probably won't make full instruction because most of it is just the base, but I might make a tutorial for the mechanics.

    The clock has been updated! Check out the newest version!

    Pretty cool! I never would have thought that this would have worked, but you did great!

    On another note, what pistol do you plan on building?

    Thanks, it was an interesting project that took some thinking but it ended up working well. As for the pistol, I'm sort of in the haze as to what gun I'm going to build. Maybe a generic gun just for the purpose of contributing :p

    Well, you could retry our old MAC - 10 concept...? I hope people post more than one gun to the 'ible, as it will be lame with only 4 or 5 guns on it... D=

    Indeed, I expect more than said amount to be posted, people seem interested. As to my entry, I might try it. I have a small slide action prototype that I'm working on. So I'll see where that goes for the time being.

    That is kewl (Lol)! By the way, how do you sync it to match the real time?

    For lack of a better expression, I just said sync to basically mean move the clock hand to what they would actually be where you are. Since the clock hands actually move like a real clock, time wise, it will keep out with a normal clock assuming you always reset it.