Made this K'nex clock a long time ago and finally go to posting it. This will be all however if you wish to make it because I am not planning on making an I'ble. It uses a motor, and doesn't tell real time. The gear ratios make it something among the lines of 11 KSecs in a KMin and 11 KMin in a KHr (the "K"'s stand for K'nex). You should be able to use the photos if you want to make it easily.
no prob
So are you using an escapement or are you just making a clock whose hands move in circles constantly and don't actually move at the correct time? Cool peice of work though.
It doesn't show real time, they just move in circles. However if one has the necessary gears and mathematics/physics know-how making a working more-less accurate pendulum clock would be relatively easy.
That is an awesome <a href="http://www.luckyclocks.com">grandfather clock</a>. I would love to have something like that in my house.
good job but where are the numbers??
It doesn't have any since it doesn't accurately keep time so I didn't think it would need them. It is basically only a prototype to prove that with more effort, one could make one which could serve as a practical clock.

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