The title explains it all. This coaster can hold tea cups and cans of juice

Step 1: Rings

Make 2 of these rings

Step 2: The Can/cup Holders

Put the white rods in the places i have them.

Step 3: Blue Spacers\

Put 2 blue spacers on each white rod

Step 4: Nearly Done

Now put the top ring on.

Step 5: Get Drink or Cup of Tea

Yay you've completed the coaster. When your done please can you tell me what to build next make sure its easy but cool. Dosen't have to be k'nex. i have a glue gun and stuff like that.
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cool 5*
Can I post your can holder with a mod on my account. I'll give you credit.
yep sure
Okay thanks.
Isn't the primary function of a coaster to seperate the drink from the surface below it, to stop the condencation dripping onto the surface and marking it? If so, then this is an utterly pointless instructable, as it doesn't serve any purpose.
ACTUALLY this cup holder is to stop the can of coke or whatever from sliding off the edge of the sofa<br>
Surely that would just slide off the sofa as well.
no the white rods stop the cup holder from sliding off the sofa durrp<br>
Sliding off? what angle do you have your cans of coke at???
if there on the armrest :)<br>
Still... I'd rather tape it to my sofa than have it in this thing. Also, protip, get a table lol.
Lighten up.
No, its the truth.
I didn't say you were wrong, I just said to lighten up. You don't have to be so harsh. This is just a for-fun if you want to kind of instructable.
I don't think it was that harsh, it was an honest comment aimed solely at the instructable and insulted the poster in no manner...
Why thank you... apples...
Looks good =D
did you make it<br>

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