Kne'x Cobra 2.0, SMG Styled Gun




Introduction: Kne'x Cobra 2.0, SMG Styled Gun

About: When in doubt, C4

Hey, this is my new addition to the world of Kne'x guns. 
It is my second uploaded creation although I have had many other failed projects.
It is a giant leap forward from my first weopon which was, to say the least, crap .
Before wasting my time creating an instructable, I have uploaded this slideshow to see how the gun goes down, so please be sure to comment and rate, I am happy to recieve any (Constructive) feedback that you may have. 
The handle is by Zak and the trigger is by DJ radio

Not too difficult to reload
Removable mags

Doesn't have a sight
Trigger sometimes breaks, (you may need to add tape.)
ps. you may notice that this is version 2, that's because V1 was pretty rubbish.



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    10 Discussions

    I was actually pretty surprised to see an internal fed mag and dj's trigger cause you wouldn't expect that on a gun with a grey rod pin and 45 degree handle

    1 reply

    Really? I used the internal feed because I much prefer it over the externally fed magazines, although they hold less ammunition, i think they look a lot better.
    Also what do you mean about DJ's trigger with the 45 degree handle? I used the same setup as his Jackal v4.

    Looks like they're both from my pistol (I got the handle from Zak so give him credit for that but I made up the trigger)

    I like the style of the gun, and the type of mag you did. I also like how it pretty much fits ooda's guide to good performing knex guns, except for one thing. That barrel on the front, after the mag. Take it off, and the gun shoots farther.

    4 replies

    This is actually excellent. Looks good, and like Dj said would perform well. Nice job. I recomend posting :)