Introduction: Knex Cobra Striker

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I call this a Cobra Striker because it looks like fangs on a blade, and you strike with it so a "Cobra Striker" was a suitable name.

Step 1: Piece Count

Picture of Piece Count

Yellow- 18
White- 11
Red- 2
Green- 21

Step 2: Make These Parts!

Picture of Make These Parts!

Make these then later put it together :)

Step 3: Add the White Rods

Picture of Add the White Rods

Add the whites as shown!

Step 4: Add the Cobra Fangs

Picture of Add the Cobra Fangs

Add them to step 3

Step 5: Add the Frames to Step 3

Picture of Add the Frames to Step 3

Get the two other frames from the beginning and put them onto the the middle frames.


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