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Introduction: Knex Coin Pusher

Here is my Knex coin pusher,

I got inspired by:
Tutorial is done!



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    I already did it :D
    The tutorial is done! :D

    Cool :D I love these things. Now if only someone could make one like the ones you see at an arcade..

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    How are those different from mine? Maybe I could improve it :D

    Oh, they are usually just higher up, and they have a place where the fallen "coins" fall into where you can get them.

    Oh it isnt hard to make that :)
    ill make it and upload a picture with in a week, I have other things to do atm

    hmm, I sadly didnt have enough knex to make it 1m high. It is an very easy job tho.

    Aww, it's alright then. Yeah, it probably is

    The tutorial is done:

    Pretty nice!

    Haha, mine looks pretty similar to yours, nice job!
    I just wouldnt cover the top with knex so much, because it looks like its hard to see whats going on now.


    ah... memories of wasting so many (of my dad's) quarters at truck stops. good job and thanks for the nostalgia trip.