Step 6: The Mechanism

This part will make the sorting tray move up and down. First, make the crankshaft attachment. This will hold the crankshaft. After you attach that, make the crankshaft. Then attach the small support. There are a lot of pictures in this step, so read through the descriptions carefully.

Pic. 1- Build the crankshaft attachment.
Pic. 2- Another view.
Pic. 3- Right side.
Pic. 4- Another view.
Pic. 5- Left side.
Pic. 6- Get the rest (the base and motor section).
Pic. 7- Attach it to the back of the base.
Pic. 8- Another view.
Pic. 9- Build the crankshaft.
Pic. 10- Don't forget the spacers!
Pic. 11- The crank, and right side.
Pic. 12- Another view.
Pic. 13- Another view, with the hinge.
Pic. 14- The left side.
Pic. 15- Get the rest of the model.
Pic. 16- Attach the crankshaft the the back. Make sure the red connector and dark gray connectors on the crank part are like they are in the picture!
Pic. 17- Another view of the left.
Pic. 18- Close-up of the gears. Make sure that they mesh together. Also, there should be a green rod connected to the top of the white connector, like in picture 17.
Pic. 19- Another view of the right.
Pic. 20- Build this support.
Pic. 21- Attach it like so.

You have now completed the mechanism!
<p>Haven't seen that one before, thanks!</p>
<p>No worries...haven't seen what before? The word Coinsome? I just made it up on the spur of the moment b4 i was gonna write Awesome!!! :D</p>
<p>can you make this out of the small pieces for k'nex's because i don't have a lot of the big pieces</p>
WOW! <br>equal to the v2! <br>Love it!!!
Thanks :-)
And another
That looks cool! Great job.
Still upgrading it
Here it is
This is really cool I am going to try and build this but I will have to substitute parts because I do not have enough dark gray pieces
Thanks, and good luck with building!
I think I am going to cover the machine with full moons and make a slot where u put the coins in I will post it
If it work I am going to enters it in my town fair
Still don't know how to reply correctly. =/ Still, I am very, VERY, grateful for this, I can now order my own&nbsp;Christmas&nbsp;present. ^_^
Cool, have fun building!
-_- I posted my reply but it didn't show up and now I have to re-post. So... pictures of all the connectors excluding green, and the Y-connector. If you can, of course. I will be very grateful for this because i first saw this almost half a year ago and I'm only just getting around to following through with it. =/<br> By the way...<br> this was my second post attempt, copied and pasted because it would not let me reply. it kept saying &quot;please type the 2 words on the page, but it would not do&nbsp;anything&nbsp;when i tried.<br> Thanks<br> -zacharye08
Ok, here they are:<br> <br> <a href="http://knex.com/building_toys/stard_dark_gray_connector.php?partType=standard" rel="nofollow">dark gray</a><br> <a href="http://knex.com/building_toys/stard_light_gray_connector.php?partType=standard" rel="nofollow">light gray</a><br> <a href="http://knex.com/building_toys/stard_red_connector.php?partType=standard" rel="nofollow">red</a><br> <a href="http://knex.com/building_toys/stard_yellow_connector.php?partType=standard" rel="nofollow">yellow</a><br> <a href="http://knex.com/building_toys/stard_white_connector.php?partType=standard" rel="nofollow">white</a><br> <a href="http://knex.com/building_toys/stard_orange_connector.php?partType=standard" rel="nofollow">orange</a><br> <a href="http://knex.com/building_toys/stard_blue_connector.php?partType=standard" rel="nofollow">blue</a><br> <a href="http://knex.com/building_toys/stard_silver_metallic_connector.php?partType=standard" rel="nofollow">purple</a><br> <a href="http://knex.com/building_toys/stard_black_rodconnector.php?partType=standard" rel="nofollow">Y-connector</a>
Hi, I was just wondering if you could post some pictures of the pieces in the list, I don't have all of the necessary pieces so I'm trying to buy them but I'm not sure what you mean by some of them. <br>Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
If you tell me which ones you don't know, I can give you a link so you can find out what they are.
What part is the tannish-grey thing in the middle?
It's a yellow connector.
I'm building one right now!
how much knex do have this much 345673465436543654368 lol your an awsome knex builder
Haha, thanks! I really have 30,000-40,000 pieces.
<br><br> OOO<br>O IIII O OO<br> O O O o OO<br><br>_______________<br><br><br>What the heck??^<br> |
does it hold english coins?
I made my coin sorter. As you can see, I used regular paper and wrote the name of the coin that goes in to each holder. <br>HERE'S MY PICTURE!!<br>
even though i had to not use spacers and sleeves it works <br>
Hey really cool coin sorter I'm building it and was curious what is the name of the moter you used
The motor doesn't have a name, it's just a motor manufactured by the Knex company.
Does it sort australian coins?
No, but you might be able to modify it to sort those.
I've already started making this but I had to order black hinges from Knex.
Btw...if you get to step 10 &quot;the coin holders&quot; you can mod it so that it doesn't use black connectors...use grey single connectors and put the spacers ona s you go :)
this is the hardest step of the hole thing but evrey thing else is good but this step.
the macince is cool, but nice cat!
Haha, thanks!
This step was really hard and i didn't really understand it. Can you post better pctures or tell me exactly what each piece is
Yeah, this is the hardest part. Unfortunately I don't have better pictures, but what exactly do you need help on?
don't worry...I finished it...but for some reason the tray doesn't tip all the way back so the coin doesn't slide anywhere. But still 5 stars <br>
this is epic...im gonna make it right now
noo it dosent work :(((((( ow well
YAYAYAYAYAY im finnaly done notice that it doesnt have any gears. Cons: it cant sort quarters , it sorts pennies and dimes on one side and nickels have to go on the other side
YYYEEEESSSSSSS im just making a few adjustments <br>
Im building this in micro, and im almost done! ill try to add a pic
I made a sorter too.<br>This is my picture.

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