Step 6: The Mechanism

This part will make the sorting tray move up and down. First, make the crankshaft attachment. This will hold the crankshaft. After you attach that, make the crankshaft. Then attach the small support. There are a lot of pictures in this step, so read through the descriptions carefully.

Pic. 1- Build the crankshaft attachment.
Pic. 2- Another view.
Pic. 3- Right side.
Pic. 4- Another view.
Pic. 5- Left side.
Pic. 6- Get the rest (the base and motor section).
Pic. 7- Attach it to the back of the base.
Pic. 8- Another view.
Pic. 9- Build the crankshaft.
Pic. 10- Don't forget the spacers!
Pic. 11- The crank, and right side.
Pic. 12- Another view.
Pic. 13- Another view, with the hinge.
Pic. 14- The left side.
Pic. 15- Get the rest of the model.
Pic. 16- Attach the crankshaft the the back. Make sure the red connector and dark gray connectors on the crank part are like they are in the picture!
Pic. 17- Another view of the left.
Pic. 18- Close-up of the gears. Make sure that they mesh together. Also, there should be a green rod connected to the top of the white connector, like in picture 17.
Pic. 19- Another view of the right.
Pic. 20- Build this support.
Pic. 21- Attach it like so.

You have now completed the mechanism!