Step 8: The Sorting Tray, Part 2

This is Part 2 of the sorting tray. It includes the end piece and the coin insert. First, you'll build the end piece, attach it to the tray, then the coin insert. After the entire sorting tray is complete, you'll attach it to the model.

Pic. 1- Build the end piece.
Pic. 2- Another view.
Pic. 3- Another view.
Pic. 4- The axle. This will connect the sorting tray to the left side.
Pic. 5- Another view.
Pic. 6- Get the rest of the sorting tray.
Pic. 7- Before you attach the end piece, flip the cover over and attach it. It connects on the right side.
Pic. 8- Another view. The yellow connector connects to the gray rod below, and the orange connector connects to the top center gray rod.
Pic. 9- Attach the end piece. Don't forget the white rod! It doesn't attach anywhere; it just sits in the hole of the dark gray connector.
Pic. 10- Another view (bottom). Remember the 2 blue spacers on the green rod, and make sure the other blue spacers on the ends of the gray rods didn't fall off.
Pic. 11- Another view (top).
Pic. 12- Build the coin insert.
Pic. 13- Another view, showing the spacers.
Pic. 14- Another view (bottom).
Pic. 15- Get the rest of the sorting tray.
Pic. 16- Attach the coin insert to the left of the tray. There is only one connection.
Pic. 17- Close-up showing the connection, which is an orange connector and gray rod. it should be in between two blue spacers.
Pic. 18- Close-up showing the position of the white rod. The tip near the black hinge should be in the red connector. Also, the white rod should have a snug fit, so tilt the dark gray connector (near the green connector) towards the light gray connector in the back.
Pic. 19- The entire sorting tray is now complete! Get the rest of the model.
Pic. 20- Attach the sorting tray. It should swivel easily before you attach the crankshaft.
Pic. 21- Close-up of the left side.
Pic. 22- Close-up of the left side. The tip of the gray rod slides into the hole of the red connector.
Pic. 23- Close-up of the crankshaft's connection. Notice the direction that the hinge is facing; yours should be the same. The hinge should have a slight bend to it.

Now that you are done with the sorting tray, look at the dime and penny slots (the two slots near the left). The penny slot should be just a bit bigger than the dime slot. The penny should not be able to make it through the dime slot.
Blorph3 years ago
What part is the tannish-grey thing in the middle?
Shadowman39 (author)  Blorph3 years ago
It's a yellow connector.
aslater33 years ago
this is the hardest step of the hole thing but evrey thing else is good but this step.
dan19003 years ago
Hey really cool coin sorter I'm building it and was curious what is the name of the moter you used
This step was really hard and i didn't really understand it. Can you post better pctures or tell me exactly what each piece is
Shadowman39 (author)  Snosageman994 years ago
Yeah, this is the hardest part. Unfortunately I don't have better pictures, but what exactly do you need help on?
don't worry...I finished it...but for some reason the tray doesn't tip all the way back so the coin doesn't slide anywhere. But still 5 stars