Special thanks to Fartonia and ZeroGravity9

Lastic shooting knex M4A1

Works smooth as silk




Removable clip,



Doesnt really hurt,

Power depends on lastic,

Fake clip,

Well...... Thats about it.

Step 1: Barrel

look carefully

Step 2: Body

Step 3: Mag Catch

Step 4: Handle

Step 5: Stock

Step 6: Mag.

Step 7: Mech

Step 8: *Optional* Carry Handle

Step 9: *Optional* Double Mag

Step 10: *Optional* Grip

Step 11: *Optional* Strap

Step 12: T Cocking Ever

Step 13: Loading

Step 14: Shooting

Your weapons are improving. I think as your next goal you should make them shoot
<p>This one does shoot </p><p>its my classic lastic band mechanizm</p>
Nice gun I think your next gun should be a gun that shoots blue rods with a removable mag
<p>Ofcourse, <br>But im struggling finding new gun models.</p><p>can you comment some pictures of guns??</p>
<p>Looks nice!</p>

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