Knex Colt Revolver Made by Zombiekiller




Introduction: Knex Colt Revolver Made by Zombiekiller

Hello there this is my first instructable on this site. This is my knex revolver and it feels very Nice



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    Thanks for building mine and Blue Mullet's Colt Python

    Classic Zombiekiller-93. Someone take's your design, says that it is their own, and you thank them for building it :). Some builders would be furious if their designs were taken.

    Well Corgi I like it when someone builds one of my creations but I will be honest and say that he should have credit me and Blue Mullet since it was originally Mullet's idea and I made the instructions for it and I've have always left credit on every single one of my instructables.

    i am sorry i must say it in the titel thats yours i forgot please forgiv me

    I am not Zombie, but I'm sure it's cool with him. He's pretty easy going.

    Well atleast he has credited my name in the title but not Mullet's

    True. But that would make the title to combersome.

    Oh that was not what I wanted to reply to you. I wanted to say +1, I also like it when people use my stuff.