Knex Combat Semi Auto Shotgun





Introduction: Knex Combat Semi Auto Shotgun

Hello, This is my semi auto shotgun. No, it is not a shotgun but i looks like one so im going to call it.

Note: I post my knex guns for everyone to see, However I don't post my knex guns to be judged and ridiculed. If you have somthing bad to say about my gun, keep it to your self. (I don't think constructive criticism is bad so you can post comments saying e.g this part doesn't work to well here is what i did, thats fine.)

Step 1: Stock

Here is the stock. Quite a few people liked it, so i will do this step first.

Step 2: Semi Auto Mech

Here is the semi auto mech. Credit to LKmachines. You can visit there website at

Step 3: Mag

Build the mag here.

Step 4: Fake Barrel

Build the fake barrel. You can store rubber bands in it.

Step 5: Assembly and Fireing

here we assemble the gun.



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    add longer barrel and scope u will get semi auto sniper rifle

    thank you for this, this was the very first semi auto knex gun i built although i dont recall using the mag part, i modded this thing so many different time =P

    I'll take the Shotgun to protect Me, or Myself.