Knex Combination Lock


Introduction: Knex Combination Lock

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Hey guys,
This is a knex combination lock I made a while back. My original plan was to make a big safe, but I haven't had the time.  So I'll just post the lock.  The pictures are pretty self explanatory and I might post a video when I get the chance.  Read the yellow boxes, that will explain it better. Feel free to ask any questions.




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    What yellow boxes? I don't see any...

    Can u plz make a tutorial on dis thing? itz sooooo cool


    I have built it, but for some reason it doesn't work as it should, it doesn't lock because the lock doesn't go up enough, anyone knows how to solve???

    i will attemo to make in 20 mins

    AWSOME! sub+5*s!

    I love it! Glad to see you back in action!

    cool, i think you should post a vid of it so people can understand how to unlock it a little better


    ill try to make a safe if you post instructions on this lock! 5*

    Hey, its nice to see you making locks instead of cracking them


    looks nice! =D 5*