--This is a post by my 11 year old brother--

A "really cool comet" made of Knex that you can throw like a foot ball outside, or even a Knex flower by taking the rubber band of the tail (if the imagination allows).

24 Tiny connectors
8 Flexible connectors
16 Green 135º pieces
2 White 360º pieces
1 Rubber band

Step 1: First Step

Take the white circular piece and attach the eight (8) short connectors to it. On those, attach the eight (8) 135º green pieces.

--and repeat

Now, on ONE of the halves, attach the eight (8) short connectors (as shown in the first two pictures), and then put the two halves together (shown in third picture).

Step 2: Adding the Bottom (or Top)

Attach to each of the eight (8) green pieces, a longer (as long as desired) flexible connector. We chose the green glow in the dark ones.

Step 3: Now, Wrap It Up (pun Intended)

Just rubber band the ends and twist, and viola.
has anyone thought about making a knex fishing pole?
already ade 1
theres one in the big book of ideas
lol you did!
Douse it in gasoline and set it on fire (Only on the top and throw it) :D
<h2>TORCH 2.0!!!!</h2>
the problem is you might set <strong>yourself</strong> on fire<br/>
look at his avatar
i know, that was the joke
Stielhandgranate!!! Does anyone else see this resemblance!
I know I am being picky but this was flagged as incomplete. +Your only instructions were to follow the pictures. +The last step does not get you all the way to the final project.
ummm excuse me he has good instructions
*sighs* He has changed it a little bit so far, such as added a last step since I commented. I'm sorry for caring enough to want him to improve.<br/>
oh OK thanks for explaining it
Sorry for being like that, but there is pretty much no standard on here anymore.
Yeah, people think that by posting a couple pictures and saying to follow them that we can actually make these things.
Well... you could... it just doesn't look very good as an instructable, maybe a slide-show
Its good enugh for most people to use.
Yeah, but that's not the point. People are constantly posting incomplete instructions and think that it's ok.
I'm going to go through and fix it for him...sorry about not proof-reading before i let him publish
I think its fine.
i get what you mean, but at least it's simple enough to follow

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