its finally here the knex

check out my RayGun

Step 1: Barrel

actually very simple

Step 2: Stock

is Christmas your fave. Holiday?(please reply)

           Had nothing to say
             HAMMER AND SICKLE!!!!!!!

Step 3: Middle Thing (not Sure What to Call It)

uhhh hi

Step 4: Connecting

connect now or no cookie
hey I liked the one u showed b4 in the preveiw...this one is different
You know no every gun needs a tube mech :|
There is a lot of sag, i suggest, you try remaking it and reinforce it, because it can use alot of work, sorry if this is offensive, but im pretty sure you can do better =)
It looks bent...
Thought you meant other reason.
I really don't understand what you said.
its a bunny and yes there is a difference bunny have there ears down rabbits have them up
Ugh, I designed a similar front grip like this and you pulled it out first. T_T<br>Oh well, it wasn't complicated, someone was bound to figure it out. It's a nice attempt but a little flimsily built for my tastes. But the nice thing then is this leaves room for a version 2 when you get the chance.
It's bent???
Hmmm... I actually like it.
I like the way you made the front barrel. It is a bit crooked though, a rail along the top should fix this.
looks great!
This looks like a messed up M4 =D Bu it is still a good gun =D 4*
No problem :)

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