This pistol is very small but very strong.
it shoots very hard for a little gun.
don't forgot to rate and place a comment if you like it.
when there are something wrong with the gun..
post a comment.
some of my pictures are not very good.
I hope you can see it.

Step 1: The Mag.

the mag.

Step 2: The Body.

the body.

Step 3: The Trigger.

the trigger.

Step 4: The Ram and the Ram for the Mag.

the ram and the ram for the mag.

Step 5: Connect All

connecting all thogeter.

Step 6: Finishing.

add the last details.

Step 7: Rubber Band for the Trigger.

you must have a rubber band for the trigger.

Step 8: Done!

Pleas rate my gun or post a comment.
don't shoot people whit the gun.
and have fun whit the gun.
it looks good but you shouldnt call it a dessert eagle<br />
He did becuz a desert eagle is strong.
No. The instructable used to be titled &quot;dessert eagle&quot; instead of desert eagle, but I guess he changed it.
<p>maybe the eagl liked dessert back then xD</p>
this look doesn't close to a desert eagle in any way )=
By that logic, this could be a compact M-60. He should've just called it a compact pistol :P
fuzzy pics i have know idea what is going on
Sorry dude, but this is awful.
You realize this looks nothing like a desert eagle right ?
Nice Gun! I Built It And I Like It ; The Ram Rod RARELY Jams, The Mag ( From My Experiences ) Never Jams, Small, And True Trigger. Couldn't Be Any Better For A Sidearm. Only Flaws : It Uses A Couple Y Connectors, And You Called It A Desert Eagle. Lol. -KnexxPro
Pic 1... UNIQUE ram lol never seen one like that
does it shoot far
Have you ever seen a desert eagle, if not here is a picture.<br />
How do you view a box in a box?<br />
Hey guys im thinkin of making a true double barrelled breaking (as in to reload) shotgun. the only problem is im not sure how to fire one shot and then the next without using two triggers. Any ideas <strong>Please</strong> pm me<br/>
make the trigger lean towards one side, but adding a connector space to anothers.
&nbsp;sounds good ill give it a go
Go on &lt;a href=&quot;http://www.knexinnovation.net&quot;&gt;www.knexinnovation.net&lt;/a&gt; and it go to the top right and search 2 shot pistol, that might help.<br/>
Interestin' lil' thing, but if thats a desert eagle I'm Clint Eastwood
the good the bad and the ugly, my favorite movie.
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Mini-Glock/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Mini-Glock/</a> so this is an improvement on this?<br/>
*looked at link* i guess so<br/>
this gun is too big for my likings
*some of my pictures are not very good* i could build it off the first picture <br/>
when you use a normal ram by this gun it doesn't stay in place.
yes he does work, better then a normal ram. you must tape it in at the back side.
I've thought of a ram like that. So how well does it work?
Looks like the gun could be good. But I've never seen anyone use a ram like that.

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