Knex Compact Desert Eagle





Introduction: Knex Compact Desert Eagle

This pistol is very small but very strong.
it shoots very hard for a little gun.
don't forgot to rate and place a comment if you like it.
when there are something wrong with the gun..
post a comment.
some of my pictures are not very good.
I hope you can see it.

Step 1: The Mag.

the mag.

Step 2: The Body.

the body.

Step 3: The Trigger.

the trigger.

Step 4: The Ram and the Ram for the Mag.

the ram and the ram for the mag.

Step 5: Connect All

connecting all thogeter.

Step 6: Finishing.

add the last details.

Step 7: Rubber Band for the Trigger.

you must have a rubber band for the trigger.

Step 8: Done!

Pleas rate my gun or post a comment.
don't shoot people whit the gun.
and have fun whit the gun.



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    it looks good but you shouldnt call it a dessert eagle

    He did becuz a desert eagle is strong.

    No. The instructable used to be titled "dessert eagle" instead of desert eagle, but I guess he changed it.

    maybe the eagl liked dessert back then xD

    this look doesn't close to a desert eagle in any way )=

    By that logic, this could be a compact M-60. He should've just called it a compact pistol :P

    fuzzy pics i have know idea what is going on

    Sorry dude, but this is awful.

    You realize this looks nothing like a desert eagle right ?

    Nice Gun! I Built It And I Like It ; The Ram Rod RARELY Jams, The Mag ( From My Experiences ) Never Jams, Small, And True Trigger. Couldn't Be Any Better For A Sidearm. Only Flaws : It Uses A Couple Y Connectors, And You Called It A Desert Eagle. Lol. -KnexxPro