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Introduction: Knex Compound Bow

About: I am good at art I like to play sports and i like to create things

Step 1:

Here is a knex compound bow I made I hope you guys like it and tell me if I should make an instructable on it



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    Building the body was a little difficult for me cuz every time I pulled the string back to see if it held together it would fall apart so if I make an instructable on it the body may be diffrent from the pictures of the one I have now so plz don't be complaining about how it's diffrent and that I'm giving you the shity instructions cuz no,I'm not I built te body based on the pieces I had cuz I'm running low so I had to replace some peices with others

    Very nice I tried to incorporate cams on my new crossbow in a similar way but my limbs were not strong enough and made little difference but great job anyway

    Definitely make instructions on how to make it, if they are good enough I will give you a PRO membership and a patch!