Knex Compund Bow That Shoots Arrows!!!!




Introduction: Knex Compund Bow That Shoots Arrows!!!!

this is my compound bow that i constructed out of knex. this bow can shoot real arrows that you would of a real bow.  post commits if you want a tutorial



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    This bow has cams but it is not a compound bow nice effort though. It was a good design now my brother wants me to make it for him!!

    I used your design I love the feel and the structure. Now to put it to the real test tomorrow hopefully

    Sorry, I dont see how this is a compound bow, a compound bow uses a pulley system to make the draw weight about 90lbs lower, and the wheels that are positioned on the end of the limbs spin to return the Origional draw weight, also using pulleys make the bow half as short but twice as powerfull as a standerd recurve bow. The only exceptions are war bows and long bows, but they are in a completely different category. A compound bow can shoot at up to 370fps, so fast that you can smell burning when you shoot at a paper and straw target.

    Anyway, I thought you should be clear on the definition of a compound bow.

    i think you mean compound bow

    ....... The rubber bands are only hooked onto the "cams."

    This is a fail.

    How is this 4 stars????

    I think you put a great effort into this project and i commend you for your efforts. But, just because it has wheels or "cams" does not make it a compound bow. Maybe look up on google how a compound bows wheels are set up and copy that into a bow. 4* :)

    *Sigh* I was right. No Archery or Knex knowledge. This is such a project that is NOT worth posting. I have had a bad experience with arrow-shooting knex guns.


    If your going to make a compound bow, at least make it a compound bow.