Knex Computer

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Introduction: Knex Computer

This is a knex binary computer it is now incomplete but over a few days not annymore and the official design is from Trevor Woodhouse

Step 1: The Skelet

Look good to the pictures becouse this a important step

Step 2: The Skelet Pt 2

This is the other part of the skelet

Step 3: The Last Steps

This is the final step of the computer



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I make this so can everyone make this in easier instructions and for people they cant find this on the web.

Well if that is you goal you should take clearer pictures and give credit.

Now happy...


That's better but why don't you say in the inscrutable that it was originally made by Trevor Woodhouse?

This is a cool computer. Can you make music on it or play Minecraft?

Its not a real computer but a braille and that means
001 is 1
010 is 2
100 is 4
101 is 5
110 is 6
111 is 7

That would actually be binary.
Braille is a system for people that are blind, or have low vision.