This is a knex binary computer it is now incomplete but over a few days not annymore and the official design is from Trevor Woodhouse

Step 1: The Skelet

Look good to the pictures becouse this a important step

Step 2: The Skelet Pt 2

This is the other part of the skelet

Step 3: The Last Steps

This is the final step of the computer
thank you for following me
I make this so can everyone make this in easier instructions and for people they cant find this on the web.
<p>Well if that is you goal you should take clearer pictures and give credit.</p>
<p>Now happy...</p>
<p>That's better but why don't you say in the inscrutable that it was originally made by Trevor Woodhouse? </p>
<p>This is a cool computer. Can you make music on it or play Minecraft?</p>
Its not a real computer but a braille and that means <br>001 is 1<br>010 is 2<br>100 is 4<br>101 is 5<br>110 is 6<br>111 is 7
<p>That would actually be binary. <br>Braille is a system for people that are blind, or have low vision.</p>
this is a great idea :) good job

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