Knex Concepts 12




Introduction: Knex Concepts 12

These ideas are based on my 3252 project.

43F28: Rotating Pin Gun: A gun that is powered by a long, large elastic that stretches around as much of the gun as possible. It is cocked by rotating a crank 360 degrees once which allows it fire a single shot. Could easily get 50 feet of range with a yellow rod. -by Oblivitus

9G7: Power Pack: A guns power supply that is stored in a magazine shaped device. It holds an elastic band, wound around a small spool, that is prevented from spinning by a blocking mechanism. When the power pack is inserted into the gun, the block is released and the guns block is simultaneously activated, putting the blocking feature at the control of the guns trigger. When the trigger is pulled, the power pack spins a rotating pin at high speeds to fire the gun. -by Oblivitus



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    Please post the power pack actually built so I can see it please

    Shame I love the idea but can't figure it out, thanks for replying though

    I really love the power supply idea, and I have made one that will fit in horizontally much like in the KLS and includes a ratchet for easy winding that can be disabled allowing the cog to spin freely to power the gun. I am hoping to use it to power a gun much like in the first picture, only a turret will be used to accommodate the shots.

    Well good luck with that. You'll need it. I just spent 3 months trying to do the same thing- the SA 3252. It's very hard to make the mech dish out the kind of power you need. I hope to write a report of sorts on what I found out during the build and post it. But seriously, I hope you can figure it out. It'd be a major step forward in technology.

    And by the way man, i thnk that the whole rotating pin concept doesn't have much potential in the strength department, as well as in order to make it work you need a lot of space and gear systems. Anyway, i do think that in the assumption that the rotating pin fires strong, the power pack idea is really nice and takes down a lot of size from the gun (good) while also eliminating the need to cank somethin between each shot or few shots, because you can jut wind a few powe packs ahead of time and then just switch between them when needed. Anyway, i adore your creativity and urge to take the knex community to the next step and i relate to it.

    Hope you keep having these great ideas !

    Thank you very much for the support. But actually, I proved that the mechanism can dish out a lot of power, in testing it got about 30 to 40 feet of range!, but that was with a single shot system. The reason it got so much range on that test was because the mechanism was very light due to not needing an alternating trigger system and because I wound the elastic very close to the rod (around tan clips).

    Oh, and, I don't "have" ideas per-say, I actually have a method for "creating" ideas. -that is, I've learned to be creative at will. When I want to post some ideas, I sit down and start brainstorming, it's a process. First, I spend about 10 minutes clearing my mind. Then I often start by thinking of a method of firing- a shotgun for example. And then I generate as many different ways to fire multiple rounds as I can, starting with what's already been done. Take a triple wide mag for example. What are all the ways a mag can be attached? What are all the types of mags? I mix and match all of the possibilities until something new pops up. The new is nothing but a reinvention of the old.

    XD either way, keep it up, 'cause it's doing the k'nex community a great deal of help and innovation. and i tried the same thing once, but slightly differently. i tried just sketching and doodling whatever came to mind, until i got some not so bad results. thus, the SABR was created. it's not really innovative, but it does use a very short and compact new version of k'nex bull-pup guns, with a very accurate, strong, comfortable, reliable (and so on) gun. i mean that it uses a partly innovative trigger system.

    Oh yeah. Will do.
    And keep up drawing out your ideas, that'll help a lot.

    i think just to make it a little simpler and smaller, you can put 2 blocking mechanisms on the power pack of the 9G7, one of which will be activated when inserted into the gun, and the other will be activated when pulling the trigger, thus sparing the space taken for making a blocking mechanism inside the gun that blocks only after the first block is released. what i was thinking of is like a block that you can push to activate, and make a trigger that pushes, which is pretty simple.