Knex Concepts Update (#8)




Introduction: Knex Concepts Update (#8)

1: Rod Firing Mag Fed Slingshot: The elastic moves in order along the noted areas. It moves through 1-4 during cocking and 5-6 when fired. -by Oblivitus
2: Two Shot Mag Fed Shotgun: A mag fed gun that has barrel in front of the mag that fits two rods, but a barrel behind it that only fits one which the firing rod travels down. -by Oblivitus
3: Weight Powered MG163: After learning that all objects regardless of weight fall at the same rate, I realized that this gun will not fire very far (maybe 10-20 feet). 5 pounds of weights should be enough to make it fire. It uses a weight tied to a string that wraps around a wheel. As the weight drops, the wheel spins and repeatedly strikes the rounds loaded into the revolver at the front of the gun. The trigger stops the mech from spinning while it is released. -by Oblivitus



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    I tried number 2 awhile back with a few different designs... it failed. The notches in the rods messes it up everytime lol. Its harder than one might think trust meh :)

    Yeah, I couldn't get it to work either.

    Objects only fall at the same rate when you're on the moon because earth is not a vacuum. There is air resistance on Earth which affects the speed of fall.

    these are pretty sweet i love #3

    Thanks, the weight powered mg has been a work in progress for a long time, it still needs more work. You should come back to take a look at my pump action ideas when I post them. They're meant to multiply the rate of fire of pump actions and if you combine the ideas, you'd get 2-3 shots per second.

    Geez, you really are cranking these out, aren't you?

    Yeah, I got bored since I'm on break now, lol. I could probably come up with stuff everyday if I wanted to.

    How about instead of coming up with far-fetched ideas, you could maybe actually design something possible and post an ible!  Are you in college?

    I do make guns, but I have more ideas than I can make, and I'm not interested in making a lot of knex guns anymore, and people like my ideas, and many of them make my ideas into real guns, and most knexers are looking for ideas because they don't have many of their own. And I think that that's enough reasons, lol. Yes, I'm in college.

    So you are kinda done with knexing, you are just going to post ideas, right?