Step 9: Real Life Weapon Designs

Picture of Real Life Weapon Designs
Double Sided Magazine.jpg
1I1: Adjustable Sights: This sight adjusts by moving a slider forward along a sloped base to increase the sights tilt for firing at targets at long range. -Oblivitus
2I2: Double Sided Magazine: Two magazines are attached together facing opposite directions for faster reloading. When one magazine runs out, it is flipped over to reload. -Oblivitus
rofl4955 years ago
you should add this pic for the rear sights
didexo rofl4953 years ago
I made the double mag its posted check it out
yerjoking5 years ago
I did the side by side magazine thing a while ago, only you don't need one to face down, it's much easier to pull the mag out, move it to the left/right a few inches then insert the fresh mag.
Oblivitus (author)  yerjoking5 years ago
Huh, I didn't think of that, this is the type that is supposedly used on a real gun though, a friend told me about it.
Yup. Alot of airsoft magazines (G36C is the only one I've seen but surely it's not the only one) can be stacked side by side aswell.
my mp5 has a mag like that
is it the aftermath broxa one?
No i dont buy aftermath gun they dont last long and suck alot
[Nerds get crazy when they have something in common]

Oblivitus: my aforesaid shotgun's magazine may be used in the aforesaid fashion. simply move it to the side. quite simple, really.

kNeXFreek & silentassasin21, respectively: My cousin and I have airsoft rifles that use the same magazines, so we can trade ammo whenever we want!
no way!!!! just like my friends!!! does yours have a fake bullet atthe top of the mag too?
yeah it slides toward me to put extra ammo in
my friend mp5
knexfreak955 years ago
 instead of rifling the barrel how about rifling the bullet