Knex Confusion




Introduction: Knex Confusion

This is the knex ball machine confusion it has 5 paths and 2 working lift with 1 motor and it is connected by gears and chains to make both lifts work at the same time. This ball machine has not been fully finished becuase the motor died on me and I don't have another one so I didn't finish one path becuase of the motor



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    I wish there were instructions, even if it's not completely finished. I could probably figure it out on my own.

    Hey now! I named my custom TR8 CoNfUsIoN. You stole it! No, I'm just kidding, yours might have been posted before mine, but I did post a turret rifle I named CoNfUsIoN. Although, you didn't alternate caps, but still. :3 It reminds me of it for obvious reasons.

    This is a really nice, compact ball machine. Good job!

    thx I have been hearing this about you on instructables.

    Looking neat, I wish there was a vid ^^

    i was going to make a video but the motor died

    thge motor die and i did not have a another motor to replace it. so thats why there is no video. and the description i just forgot but it is there now.