this is the Containment Survivalist!
it`s a quick pump action shotgun model gun I build,
it featurez;

unique handle
red dot
ironsights(may or may not be seen in the pictures)
working pump
Trenchgun like back when pumped
tac-rails(both ontop and underneath the barrel

looks epic(imo)
pump works smooth
rather unique
working trigger
open for a lot of mods!
not to piece consuming
comfy handle

stock`s a bit hollow
not to easy to pump with one hand
bands break on the pump 'ejector' now and then
broken pieces is a MUST to make it function

dr. richtofen - red dot
the Dunkins(no idea if I spelled that right)-the stock

internals requested by dr richtofen.

internals are for v2 which has a updated trigger area.

Step 1: Internals, Pump and Side Pannel

here you go c:
It would be difficult but I could make this shoot. I'd just have to apply the Zip3 mech to it so the pump rods don't get in the way. I may have to work on this when I find time. <br>Great model!
<p>thanks!</p><p>and could you post pics of the internals when you do so, so I can add them for Reddy? (giving you credit ofcourse)</p>
<p>Of course I'll give credit!<br>To be perfectly honest, I haven't started yet due to school but I'll get to it this weekend at least.</p><p>The areas of difficulty will be the pin and pin guide, getting that lined up is a pain... but it is the small alternative to Zip3 I was looking for.</p>
<p>I was talking about giving you credit for the mechanism</p><p>but hey</p><p>we can do a collabration on this, now can't we?</p>
Sure! Just start an ible and add me as a collaborator. I will start on the gun and mechanism tonight.
have you completed it yet
I honestly tried, but the body is really small compared to Zip3. I really wanted this to work but I needed a bit more space height wise then the small may well on this gun would allow. If I would have followed through with my plan the gun would look nothing like the original.<br>
awh thats too bad man :c<br>well here have a sticker and a cookie for trying<br>*hands you a cookie and a sticker*
<p>I have no idea how to do that :^c</p>
<p>When editing an ible, hover over the &quot;more&quot; thingy, and click collaborate. Then enable the collaborate option, and you should be able to add other editors to the ible.</p>
On tha phone u no can do zhat
<p>gewd dewm iwt mullet</p>
did ya build it yet? B)
<p>Looks great!</p>
<p>Dude, this looks sick! Really good job man, I think its great! Now if it could only shoot...</p>
<p>could shoot, if you mod it somewhat</p><p>if you change the internals of the barrel, and some rods, it has the potentials to shoot</p>
I just realized that the first picture is only so awesome because of the lightfall!
wow man, thx!<br>and I know about the barrel but due to a slight lack of pieces it couldn`t be done!<br>and that means a lot to me comming from you!<br>and indeed, it`s a overal beathy!,<br>and it`s a great melee weapon haha c:&lt;
<p>Looks smooth 'n pretty sturdy. And you used my RDS~ :3<br>Only thing I'd say is that the pump could maybe a bit bigger, stick out a bit more, to get a better grip on it. But that's of course up to one's own choice.</p><p>Nice job!</p>

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