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Introduction: The Containment Survivalist

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this is the Containment Survivalist!
it`s a quick pump action shotgun model gun I build,
it featurez;

unique handle
red dot
ironsights(may or may not be seen in the pictures)
working pump
Trenchgun like back when pumped
tac-rails(both ontop and underneath the barrel

looks epic(imo)
pump works smooth
rather unique
working trigger
open for a lot of mods!
not to piece consuming
comfy handle

stock`s a bit hollow
not to easy to pump with one hand
bands break on the pump 'ejector' now and then
broken pieces is a MUST to make it function

dr. richtofen - red dot
the Dunkins(no idea if I spelled that right)-the stock

internals requested by dr richtofen.

internals are for v2 which has a updated trigger area.

Step 1: Internals, Pump and Side Pannel

here you go c:



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    It would be difficult but I could make this shoot. I'd just have to apply the Zip3 mech to it so the pump rods don't get in the way. I may have to work on this when I find time.
    Great model!

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    and could you post pics of the internals when you do so, so I can add them for Reddy? (giving you credit ofcourse)

    Of course I'll give credit!
    To be perfectly honest, I haven't started yet due to school but I'll get to it this weekend at least.

    The areas of difficulty will be the pin and pin guide, getting that lined up is a pain... but it is the small alternative to Zip3 I was looking for.

    I was talking about giving you credit for the mechanism

    but hey

    we can do a collabration on this, now can't we?

    Sure! Just start an ible and add me as a collaborator. I will start on the gun and mechanism tonight.

    have you completed it yet

    I honestly tried, but the body is really small compared to Zip3. I really wanted this to work but I needed a bit more space height wise then the small may well on this gun would allow. If I would have followed through with my plan the gun would look nothing like the original.

    awh thats too bad man :c
    well here have a sticker and a cookie for trying
    *hands you a cookie and a sticker*

    I have no idea how to do that :^c

    When editing an ible, hover over the "more" thingy, and click collaborate. Then enable the collaborate option, and you should be able to add other editors to the ible.


    On tha phone u no can do zhat

    gewd dewm iwt mullet

    did ya build it yet? B)

    could shoot, if you mod it somewhat

    if you change the internals of the barrel, and some rods, it has the potentials to shoot