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Introduction: Knex Contest Entry: Concept 38F23

Well here is my semi - failed attempt for concept 38F23. It looks good, but i ran out of pieces at the end so the stock is a little weird, but i tried, and i mainly tried to focus on the actual concept, so here is my attempt, i hope you guys like, i did this to the best of my ability and knowledge. I hope in round 2 we get a concept that works a bit better for me :P well, here it is!!!

-Looks good
-Tried my best
-Comfy handle
-Easy to pull trigger

-Doesnt shoot too far (Approx. 30 feet)
-I almost used all my parts (Mainly green rods, those were all used)
-Im scared of adding bands, because i dont want the mech to blow up, im currently using 4, and the bottom section bends a little, im trying to fix that still.

One more thing, I forgot to put this. But Credits to Oblivitus for the concept. And I'm still working on this, so it's not complete.



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    its great, but at least u tried ur best and i give u credit for that. check out my semi auto vector!

    Hmm... I sorta like the concept.

    I'm having massive friction issues with my design, does this suffer similar problems?

    Actually not really. it shoots really good, but the range isnt too great. But oh well. Im not having any problem with mine, show me yours.

    I dismantled it to try a different rail mechanism. Hopefully it will cut out some of that friction. It's designed to hold 3 sets of 3 yellow rods though, so gives a decent spread but range suffers.

    It wasn't supposed to produce a fantastic gun, just be something that anyone could do.