Knex Contest Entry: Concept 38F23


Introduction: Knex Contest Entry: Concept 38F23

About: i like to mess with knex, i think they are a very creative kinda toy for people that like to build things of all sorts. i have a youtube account. its potpieism, yes its a dumb name but its hard to get a name...

Well here is my semi - failed attempt for concept 38F23. It looks good, but i ran out of pieces at the end so the stock is a little weird, but i tried, and i mainly tried to focus on the actual concept, so here is my attempt, i hope you guys like, i did this to the best of my ability and knowledge. I hope in round 2 we get a concept that works a bit better for me :P well, here it is!!!

-Looks good
-Tried my best
-Comfy handle
-Easy to pull trigger

-Doesnt shoot too far (Approx. 30 feet)
-I almost used all my parts (Mainly green rods, those were all used)
-Im scared of adding bands, because i dont want the mech to blow up, im currently using 4, and the bottom section bends a little, im trying to fix that still.

One more thing, I forgot to put this. But Credits to Oblivitus for the concept. And I'm still working on this, so it's not complete.



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    its great, but at least u tried ur best and i give u credit for that. check out my semi auto vector!

    I'm having massive friction issues with my design, does this suffer similar problems?

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    Actually not really. it shoots really good, but the range isnt too great. But oh well. Im not having any problem with mine, show me yours.

    I dismantled it to try a different rail mechanism. Hopefully it will cut out some of that friction. It's designed to hold 3 sets of 3 yellow rods though, so gives a decent spread but range suffers.

    It wasn't supposed to produce a fantastic gun, just be something that anyone could do.

    Looks awesome man! You sure put it together quick.

    So did you ditch the hopper-feeding plan? That would be very hard to get working with this concept. Hope to see you next challenge!

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    Haha, im quick when it comes to exporting ideas from brain to knex. Even though this isnt "my" idea, like using the concept required a little thought. And yeah, there was too much friction for it to work right, so i tossed it.

    And the size of this gun shows why I like Tr style and illogic style guns. And they get a 40ft range with 4 yellow rods. It's a cool gun but it doesn't have much bang per buck.

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    Well I'm still working on it so, there still can be changes if i decide to post.

    Sweet. Does the slingshot box squeeze the ammo at all? Because that could be decreasing the range. And I know that TheDunkis didn't mention it on the contest but I'd like a quick mention in credits at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

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    Not really, I'll look into it, and sure, No Problem!

    Looks pretty good for a concept gun

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    Looks nice =)