Hi there,
this is my newest creation and also my entry for The Red Books of Westmarch's contest. It is the JS-9MM Submachine gun. Lets go the pros and cons shall we?

- Looks and feels great.
- Sturdy.
- High powered.
- Charging handle works as the firing pin.
- Nice simple sights.
- (Close) to scale.

- A bit bulky.
- Mag is non-removable.
- The handle is the only part that is a little wobbly not that big of an issue.

I give credit to:
- Selziona for the ram idea and the angled front part
- Knexbuild for a part of the trigger

That's about it. lets get building.

Step 1: Outer Panels

Very simple follow the notes.

Step 2: Inner Panels

Again just follow notes

Step 3: Internals

The internals plus some trigger parts

Step 4: Handle

Just make it and save it.

Step 5: Mag

Step 6: Extra Bits

Just make the and save them for later on

Step 7: Putting It Together

Finally Putting it togheter again follow notes that's all.
ziet er goed uit!
Me Gusta ! <br> <br>
I'm flabbergasted now -_-
for some reason your stuff doesnt come up on my page when you post it. I know it's old but I haven't seen it :?
Weird... You're in my subscribers list i know that, but sometimes my instructables is acting strange too.
Looks Great! I think i might try for a removable magazine but i haven't built knex in forever <br>
Thanks and go ahead! If you manageto make it could you post some pictures of it here? <br>I'll see if I can put it in the instuctable.
sure thing <br>
Looks pretty darn accurate to the real one, but IMO it is short in length. the stock is too short, looks like a machine pistol instead of an smg. but it still looks great
I agree the stock is about one connection too short, but I don't have it anymore.
Thanks alot!
Looks exactly like the chicom CQB featured in black ops 2, but without the carrying handle
Okay... I don't know I don't have BO 2
Built it, great gun however the trigger doesn't work fine for me
What is the problem, exactly?
I broke it down and I just finished a Knexsayer. Anyways, the problem was that pulling the trigger didn't make it shoot. It'll be my fault anyways.
Mmm... That never happend with me? Okay maybe you put something in the wrong place.
Looks great! any information about range?
No sorry. It shot pretty far though...
Hmmm, normally those types of guns don't shoot far, but oh well, since you say so I guess this one must be a one of its kind.
Well, Seleziona's Skorpion (V2) SHot pretty far and it's basically the same mech. It really depends on the Strenght and age of the rubberbands. Also In my newer version I stripped the Inner plates so that the 'bullet' has 2 connections space in stead of one (if you get what I'm saying.) also the pin goes back as far as possible giving it an advantage over a ramrod. Because that would be sticking out of the stock and would be bending, because a pin guid is impossible there <br> <br>Hope this explains everything =D
Yup. So true, in fact, I got Selez' skorpion laying next to me right now :)
it finally works! <br>i took out the inner plates like you suggested. <br>might make it into a L85
Cool I'm glad it worked out for you.
i'll keep working on it , it finally shot normally
Thanks. You probably did something wrong the first time because mine shot pretty far. Did you use snowflakes or 3d-connectors? The 3ds cause more friction that could be a reason. Also a tip is to remove a part of the inner plates so the bullet has more space but also makes the gun alot less sturdy. :S
wow! it shot an incredible 5 cm! <br>but seriously, i think i built something wrong
built it today, still getting it to work.
Very Nice, i would say 4.5 *
Thanks alot!
your welcome
Nice gun. very accurate look to it.
Thanks alot! what gun did you make?
The QCW, but I really just focused on performance and did the looks later. In the end I ran out of time for either and just threw it together. <br>.
ooo this gun have to be awesome in akimo
Thanks, I thought the same thing.

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