Introduction: Knex Controllable Machine Gun

In a collaboration of me and TheAwesomestDude, I present to you a one-of-a-kind mechanism. He had gotten this idea from the foofinator on one of blue mullet's videos on youtube. Needless to say, I hope you enjoy!

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The Knex Inventor (author)2016-06-21

Interesting concept! If the creator of this doesn't mind, I might utilize this mechanism in one of my K'NEX guns.

myOmy (author)The Knex Inventor2016-06-22

Go right ahead. I don't mind. However I do have an updated version on my forum post, you can find it on my profile.

The Knex Inventor (author)myOmy2016-06-22

Thanks! I will have to check out the updated version.

BTW, do you still make K'NEX guns? It would be great to see you post something new!

myOmy (author)The Knex Inventor2016-06-22

Eh, haven't messed with my knee for weeks, I still build off and on though. I'm also TheAwesomestDude if you want to see other things I've built.

The Knex Inventor (author)myOmy2016-06-22

Oh. Yeah, I saw. You've made some pretty neat stuff!

myOmy (author)myOmy2016-06-22


knexrule2012 (author)2014-11-16


myOmy (author)knexrule20122014-11-16

Thanks bro! For a more completed prototype check out knexguy237's Full auto.

knexrule2012 (author)myOmy2014-11-17

ok i will

Oblivitus (author)2014-08-12

I always did want to make a good knex machine gun. This is cool.

myOmy (author)Oblivitus2014-08-12

Omg Omg omg Oblivitus commented that something I made was cool!!!!

Nice to see you around and thank you so much for the complement, although more credit is due to others than I. Including but not limited to: TheDunkis, TheFoofinator, Blue Mullet, and TheAwesomestDude. I took their ideas and made it into a model than functions through the basic principles of their designs. There a a few problems with the design as of right now but I hope to smooth them out. For a more updated prototype, check out my forum topic. If you have any suggestions or modifications you would like to propose, please do, as you have way more experience than me.

Oblivitus (author)myOmy2014-08-18

Yeah, no problem man. I haven't built anything for a long time so I'm rusty and have more questions than suggestions. Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks like the back trigger block pops up with nothing to pull it back out automatically once it gets there so isn't the mechanism as of right now semi-auto? Next question, how are you going to pull the rubber bands through that enclosed design to reset them for firing?

myOmy (author)Oblivitus2014-08-18

Did you check out the forum topic I made? I think that it will clear up some of your questions as it is more updated than this version. And as to resetting the rubber bands, that will be done manually. Sorry if that didn't make it any more clear for you but definately check out the forum topic I made, it is a more updated version.

Oblivitus (author)myOmy2014-08-22

Okay, I'll take a look.

Lucas The Boss (author)2014-08-07

I do every thing from my iPod so could u give me a link to the vid sorry I can't view it when it is inserted into the pictures

myOmy (author)Lucas The Boss2014-08-12

here you go:

TheDunkis (author)2014-08-05

Forgive me, I have no sound at work so I don't know what was said in the video. Why not use my idea then? I'm not sure exactly you were going for with that contraption in front of the rubberband cog, but my idea was to use a piston with a sort of "trigger" if you will, at the front of the gun for the rubber band to snag on and drive the piston into the real trigger. Thus, the RoF is controlled such that each shot can only fire after the previous shot has already fired.

Also, I fret with how reliable the current setup here is. The hardest part is making a trigger that takes little effort with a lot of bands stacked on the cog. When you have to resist the force of each band, it gets impractical very fast and will make the mechanism a lot less reliable. But I wish you the best of luck. I've been in pursuit of making a controllable fully automatic K'nex weapon for years now.

myOmy (author)TheDunkis2014-08-05

Well, if you did have sound, you're idea is precisely what i'm going for. Although I had never heard of such an idea until TheFoofinator posted a comment on Blue Mullet's Blowback Rifle, which out of such an idea, this gun was created. That "thing" in front of the cog is the piston in your idea. That "thing" now does have a rod for it to be snagged upon which then slams into the trigger and fires another round. And with the right rubberband setup, I think that this will work.

The "current setup" has been changed 3 times already and looks much different, it is much more reliable now that it does not rub up against the rubberbands. The trigger mech is still in development, but I can guarantee you that it takes a very effortless pull to "turn the mech on". Thanks for wishing me luck! If you would like in on the collaboration between me and TheAwesomestDude we would be glad to have you, seeing as how you had this idea before we did.

TheDunkis (author)myOmy2014-08-05

Good to know. And yeah, not to sound like such a credit hog, but I've had a couple of ideas here and there that sorta slipped to the public and then others started using them without giving any credit. I tend not to be as bothered as when I was teen, but it's still nice to have some recognition. I wouldn't doubt others came up with a similar concept by themselves. Here's a topic I posted back in 2010 asking for the RBG mechanism so that I could work on the concept.
And my idea was a couple years old back then too, I just never could figure out the mechanism.
Anywho, a mechanism based on pushing the cog, even just a little, to advance will only get more and more difficult to actuate with each band. Basically, my concept relied on the idea that one band should have the force to overcome several bands, something physics isn't too fond of. I figured the only way this could be done was with either a sliding trigger or a very sensitive trigger. I hope you got that figured out then. The second trick is figuring out how to control it. The actual trigger needs to actuate the cog the first time and then either let or stop the piston do it depending on if it's held or not. I'd love to help if I get time. More than likely the best I can do is give a little advice here or there and then build your gun when it's finished, then mod it to my liking.

myOmy (author)TheDunkis2014-08-05

right now I have a "trigger" per se, that will throw the mechanism into action, but I haven't made a way for the trigger being released stopping the mechanism dead in its tracks. I hope to get that accomplished soon, but it might be a little difficult. I hope to get it to the point that it is a reliable useful weapon full of potential and a groundbreaker for a new line of a weapons. I truly think that this has potential. But I find myself rambling on again. But anyways, I thank you for your help, and I will ask you if and when I need help.

TheDunkis (author)myOmy2014-08-06

It's a concept to ramble about. I could see a lot of potential in in, but the concept itself is just cool whether it can be made practical or not. It still has limits to overcome before making a practical war weapon, but baby steps will just have to be taken. Heck, when I was trying to make it, I was going to just release a sputter gun, you pull the trigger and then it just empties all its shots because that alone would be cool for the sake of showing the full auto concept. I keep trying to think of the best way to make a trigger. Essentially it needs to block the piston when not pulled and be out of the way when it is pulled, that's easy enough. But then it also needs to manually trigger the first shot in each burst without getting in the way afterward, that's tricky.

Ghasteqs (author)2014-08-05

This is nice. If you can get this to shoot knex, I'll definitely build it.

myOmy (author)Ghasteqs2014-08-05

it will be able to, but it is not quite ready for that yet

sandroknexmaster (author)2014-08-04

Interesting, do you think it is possible to convert it to a knex shooting gun instead of rubber band?

myOmy (author)sandroknexmaster2014-08-04

yes, that is the end goal, you can make it shoot knex by adding a magazine and receiving magwell, but we clearly haven't got that far :P

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