Knex Crank Full Auto





Introduction: Knex Crank Full Auto

A fully automatic knex gun, inspired by Extreme Builder. It has a removable magazine for grey connectors. Also, it does fire slowly due to gear reduction, but not that slowly, it's just my cranking speed.

Step 1: Handle

A basic handle.

Step 2: Mag

Just the same as the mag on my other gun.

Step 3: Bits and Pieces

Supports for the handle, mag, firing pin, and rails.

Step 4: Main Body, Crank, Gears, and Mechanism

The biggest and hardest step: shadows prevented me from using flash, and without the flash it's not as detailed.

Step 5: Connection

Connecting all of the parts.

Step 6: Finished!

You're finished! I'm not responsible for any injuries.



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    Not a bad mech but it doesn't look great. It needs to look more like a gun. Other than the looks I like it.

    Awesome, will build soonish

    Great gun! Fully automatic for your second gun, is unheard of. My second gun was pump action.

    My first gun was fully automatic. This gun is based on a gun which was based on mine.

    zOMG! You serious? No you ain't, I just checked you out, you got a famas and 'das it.

    You ibles kids are too funny.

    You KI freaks think you are better then everyone else.

    Well....everyone is better than you...

    Is that all you can say? You know thats bullshxt, either you do, or you are just infinitely arrogant.