Knex Creeping Death Mk9 ****FINAL EDITION****





Introduction: Knex Creeping Death Mk9 ****FINAL EDITION****

I present to you guys the final version of the Creeping Death series. This one is the largest and most powerful one I have made. And for those that might be disappointed that the CD series is over; you can build the Mini version

Now for the stats:

EXCELLENT Range x > 180 ft
Accurate sights
Fairly quick load time

Stock is a little unstable

I am not going to put the "BUY THIS GUN AT AMMUNATION TODAY" on this gun.



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    Built in metallics.


    please make instrictions I really wanna build it

    Which part are you having trouble building? I could just post more pics.

    if it's possible could you make a step by step instruction?

    That. Is. Amazing. How well did/does it work for you?

    I'm still working all the bugs out of it. When it does fire it works great, but about half the time the bullet hits the sight. I've been loading it the same way every time as far as I can tell. Have you had a similar problem?

    Back when I had this gun, the bullet almost never hit the sight for me. I quite frankly haven't a clue why yours would be doing it often. And could you get a range on this gun maybe?

    Angled up I'm getting easily 150ft, so I can see how you can get 180. I'm using the old SRV1 bullet because the SRV2 ammo hits the sight more often for some reason. One thing I did a little differently is the position of the rubber bands on the front of the bow. Though both sides are even in rubber band strength so I wouldn't think it'd be a problem. I really do like the design of it- the mechanism, and the bow at the front.

    Thanks for that compliment! :) It's kind of good to know that something I made a good while ago is still liked today. I knew this gun could do what I estimated. :P

    Oh by the way, do you remember what ammo you were using with it?