This is a knex croosbow i built about 1 year back, its not as good as the others on this site but try and give it a go.

Actual Trigger.
Sturdy Handle.
Strong bow (to a good content).

To actually load you have to press the trigger.
The body tends to wobble.

The piece count is rather long so i took pictures for the beginning of most steps.
Go forth and build a croosbow!

Step 1: The Front

This is the front of the Cross Bow.

Pic 1: Piece count.
Pic 2: Make
Pic 3: Add
Pic 4: Add
Pic 5: Add
Pic 6: Finished Product

Step 2: The Under Side

This part of the Cross bow is the part you should hold when firing the weapon.

Pic 1: Piece Count.
Pic 2: Make.
Pic 3: Add.
Pic 4: Add.
Pic 5: Add bits at the end. Finished product.

Step 3: The Handle

This is the grip at the back of the bow.

Pic 1: Piece count
Pic 2: Make
Pic 3: Stick together
Pic 4: Finished Product

Step 4: Firing Mechanism

This is the part that will fire your arrow/projectile.

Pic 1: Piece count
Pic 2: Make and the finished product.

Step 5: Trigger

Simple trigger design, but often breaks if pulled to hard. This fires the weapon. (Sorry forgot to make a piece count)

Pic 1: Make
Pic 2: Add Parts
Pic 3: Add more parts
Pic 4: Even more parts.
Pic 5: Rubber band 1

Step 6: Bow Supports

These parts support the bow so it doesnt snap easily.

Pic 1: Piece count
Pic 2: Make
Pic 3: Add
Pic 4: Attach Together
Pic 5: Other angle/Finished product
Pic 6: Finished product

Step 7: The Bows

These parts bend when the rubber band is stretched to create tension. It also allows the Cross bow to fire.

Pic 1: Piece count
Pic 2: Make
Pic 3: Add Rubber band
Pic 4: Add/Finished product

Step 8: Putting It All Together

Now is the time to put all the parts together. Once you have done this you will be done.

Pic 1: Add the Bow supports to the front
Pic 2: Add the Bows to the supports
Pic 3: Add the Firing mech and the under side to the end of the Front
Pic 4: Add the handle to the firing mech and the Under side.
Pic 5: Add the trigger to the handle
Pic 6: Other angle
Pic 7: Finished Product

Step 9: Rubber Bands

These are the rubber band positions on the weapon if you get them wrong the Cross bow could break.

Pic 1: Rubber band from bows to firing mech.
Pic 2 and 3: Rubber band on the trigger.

Step 10: Loading and Firing

To Load and fire the Cross bow you have to go through some simple steps

1. Make a bullet.
2. Pull back the red triangle with the band on it.
3. Put the bullet through the hole on the firing mech
4. Press the trigger
Anything with rubber and as the energy store is a slingshot or slingbow. That is a slingbow. If the energy is stored in the limbs of the device, it is a bow or crossbow
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