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Introduction: Knex Cross Bow

This is my cross bow.Tis is also my first instructable so go easy on me.If you guys like it a lot i will gladly make instructions.Lastly i would love to hear your suggestions on what i should add and/or chang on the rifle.



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Nice, as my minions below have told you, but the stock needs some improvement, and some things need a bit of neatening up. However this is your first gun so there is no problem.

Not TERRIBLE, but it could use a lot of work. The things I would change would be the bow, it looks like it would snap if you loaded it. I would also change the width of the body from 3 connectors to 5 or 6 connectors to increase structural strength of the gun. The fore-grip should also get changed to something a little more "human-hand" like, along with the actual handle that should also be changed to something better. Your trigger mechanism should also be modified because it looks weak to me. I should also say that your stock is a skeleton, and should be filled in or changed to suit the gun. One final thing I suggest changing would be the sights, because they look kind of obstructive, and should be changed to have a dot sight or iron sights.