This is a simple knex cross bow that you can keep in your hoodie pocket untill your fat teacher turns around then.....OUCH! right in the butt. but be carefull and make sure u slip in into your sleeve just in case the make you empty your pockets.... the perfect crime

Step 1: Gather Materials

Just get the peices in the picture not too hard...

Step 2: Assembly

enter longer description for this step

Step 3: Assembly

enter longer description for this step

Step 4: Assembly

enter longer description for this step

Step 5: Addeing the Band

enter longer description for this step

Step 6: Fireing

Just insert a rod or a pen refill notice mines sharped :) watch out teachers

Step 7: To Any Teachers Out There

let this be a lesson for you
six years in the future and this still gets comments!
ok could be improved
I dont like this "crossbow", but seeing how this was posted in the early days of knex, im giving it 1.5*
if it was posted in 2007 or something like that, it would have been 0.5, no offense
this gun is worse than a block trigger i know that but like you said different time different standards
yeah, at the very least, its a bow
, not bad i kinda liked it im havin lil troble shooting the because the 2 green connectors keep slidiing together
try adding spacers, i built this when i had maybe 200 pieces i was limited to about 5 spacers in my whole bucket
good and powerful, but needs inprooving!
the crossbow is cool small but if you have large hands dont plan on gettin revenge on urteachher
I will try to mod this and add a trigger to it =)<br/>
lol this gun is so old, i posted it a long time ago, back then not many guns had triggers or else i probably wouldnt have posted this
not bad, its pretty powerful i like it:P
hey uhh ikill you play CS 1.6? i think i seen you. anyway look out for albos
what the???
what?....Counter Strike?
would be nice if it had a trigger
look at when it was posted... it was before most guns on this site
in fact its the 13th thing tagged with knex on the site... and some aren't even knex or guns
true, but people have been building knex guns with triggers for years, so...
Jeez, the instructable has more parts than the bow has pieces (not counting the rubber band; I don't consider those pieces)!! XD! Seriously, though, this is a great example that size doesn't matter. Great bow!!!!
Hell Yea!!!! >:P
This mini bow is cool
Nice! I like!
Love it! its goes for absoloutely miles in the air thx
cool, very cool, but i'd get expelled if i used this
I fancy shooting people in the butt lol
I dont think I fancy shooting people in the butt.
Check out my crossbow although you cant hide it!<br/><br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/ECGX2R7W5NEV2Z4O0I/">https://www.instructables.com/id/ECGX2R7W5NEV2Z4O0I/</a><br/>
6 peices and rubber band my bad (lol)
william88 it works great go over your steps on making it *snicker* only like 10 peices (lol)<br/>
nice crossbow mine shoots 65+ feet.i also used a sharpend red rod.works great!!!
every body knows wat a wasp is right well heer is a complicated way to shoot them
i tried this you need to perfect it a lot
n00b, perfect for inside pockets of jackets...
how am i a noob thats what i said

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