Hey guys, I made this crossbow, and i think it came out great except for one weak attachment from the stock to the body. So tell me what you think!

Thanks you all, i love waking up to a bunch of new wonderful comments, and thats part of what keeps me going :D
<p>AWESOME &eth;</p>
that is awesome how many peaces did it take
I dont remember, but it takes a lot
how far is the range??
Nice. I like it, but i have a few minor ideas.<br><br>1) I think the bow arms should be a bit longer, but this would need reinforcing, as it may cause too much tension<br><br>2)The ammo should be longer, so it looks more realistic<br><br>Other than that it's AWESOME!
No shooting video?
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swwINGeSNOo&feature=channel_video_title">Video</a>&nbsp;Sorry bout the crappy quality, the vid is old, and i used my phone to record
Hold up
Timestretch by Bassnectar
&lt;3 thanks
Your welcome :D
Finally some good music. What about doctor p?<br>nice gun, you should make a mag on it
Umm, sorry, no mag, it was already suggested, tried, and i failed, so im going to keep it single shot, and im still modding it some. but anyways, thanks!! =)
oh, I see!
I plan on demolishing it :P i dont want to post, it uses alot of pieces, and has weird connections, and is flimsy in some areas :I
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! <br><br>5*
Thanks :D
You should modify the ammo so it does not require any ball connectors. They are a rare piece and most people don't have very many of them. Other than that, looks great! <br><br>P.S. On a side note, a removable magazine would be a fantastic addition.
The mag just doesnt really work for me, cuz loading is awkward as it is
I may possibly add a mag, great idea, ill mod it some, and, it can use grey cons instead of ball joints, i have 20 ball joints, so i used them instead, but thanks :D
What, no footage of shooting that thing?
I did, but the stupid thing i used for making this video wouldnt take the footage, pisses me off, so i might upload another vid of it shooting later.
POST THIS! Orelse...
Or else what? :P lol, maaaybbeeeeee
Definitely worth posting. One little thing a bit off isn't going to make the gun any less awesome than it already is. Besides, we lack guns like this.
Thanks =)
thanks =)
your welcome
I gave this 5*
thanks :D
your welcome
You should definatly post this =D
Im not sure, cuz the connection of the stock to the handle and body is weak, and when you pick it up with one hand, it bends a little. but thanks :D
Looks awesome!
thanks :D
No problem. =)
thanks :D

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